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Nothing on this forum about this Chinese TD. Anyone have it, and if they do, please share thoughts, commander choice and retrofits.

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It's an interesting vehicle, quite unique in this ultra standardized game.

You have 3 weapons systems, and a drone

  • A 30mm AC : 310mm pen, 36 dmg & 800 base RoF
  • 20 70mm rockets : 300mm pen 260 dmg (91 no pen damage)
  • 4 ATGMs : 1150mm pen & 850 dmg
  • 4 drones with 60s base reload. You launch them, they go up and them straight forward. You can't guide them. The drone will spot stuff in a "100 - 200" meters radius. They won't stay spotted long

Worth noting that the rockets aren't accurate at all unless ou only fire 1 or 2 at time. Pen isn't great either (30mm has better pen lol). But the 91 no pen dmg allow you to deal up to 1820 dmg to even the hardest targets, it's pretty useful. Of course, aiming them is better, but you won't be able to pen some MBTs sides at all.

Armor used to be kinda AC resistant, now it has pretty much no armor to speak of. At least the turret is unmaned (shooting thermos in the turret work nicely though). There is some ERA on the front, but any tandem charge will punch through. Will still stop a stray HEAT/missile or a couple of AC rounds. Ammoracks seems kinda vulnerable too. 

Mobility isn't the best, it's a Type 59 chassis after all, but you have the top speed ability.

VR is trash because TDs must be blind (at least there is the drone).

As for commanders, I guess OPhelia? Sabrina should work too. I'm using Ionnis with its "lucky shot" skills (does it even work?), because putting OPhelia on everything gets boring. His extra VR skills can be useful too.

As for retros, I put the breach, ATGM control unit, optics and IR optics because why not. I guess some module/ammorack protection could be nice too.

All in all, I like the QN. It's a bit challenging to play, but it has potential in every mode I'm sure. 

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Really the only thing that makes the QN interesting is its spotting drone, which is really only useful on a couple of maps (in PvE).  It is otherwise a sluggish version of the Kurganets with slightly less useful overall firepower.

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