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bestest ideas for raid missions

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Reeeeeeeeeeeee I can't stand those missions anymore, send help!


elo, I am profesionalle missions maker and I have come up with news missions fore raid edvent


  • Pay 500 gold to complete the mission. Alternatively, pay 500 gold to complete the mission.
  • Deal 50 000 team damage. Only the matches in which you deal the most damage of all players count toward the objective. Alternatively, TK one of your teammate while obtaining the Teamwork medal.
  • While playing the Abbot, play the Abbot. Alternatively, play the Abbot VE.
  • Destroy 69 vehicule by ramming while going in reverse. Alternatively, crush 10 vehicles in a single match.
  • Lose 10 matches in a row. Alternatively, lose 1 match while obtaining both the Blue Star and Teamwork medal.
  • Buy 200 of our latest lootcrates to complete this mission. Alternatively, buy even more!
  • Play 420 matches using Ulysses Strom as the commander of your vehicle. Alternatively, you can only use the T-55M1
  • Penetrate the UFP of the York with any gun launched AP projectile. Alternatively, do the same with any HESH round.
  • Drown in less that 1 minute after the start of a match. Alternatively, TK one of your teammates while you're at it.
  • Deal 10 000 damage in a single match while playing the C13 TUA and only using the TOW-2B missiles. Alternatively, do it twice.
  • Deal the most damage in 10 matches while dealing the lest damage. Alternatively, deal the least damage while doing the most damage.
  • Win 20 matches in a row while being AFK. Alternatively, have 5 draws in a row.
  • Explain why the Bulsae 3 ATGM deals 990 dmg while the Swingfire one only deals 630 dmg. Alternatively, play the Swingfire with 300 ms ping.
  • Prove that the Shilka and the York NEEDED PELE. Alternatively, you have 1 hour.
  • Prove that the Cent 120 hasn't been powercrept by the CV Ghost.
  • Look at the armor layout of the Chieftain 900 and try not to cry. Alternatively, look at the armor layout of the M48 Patton and try to cry again.



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