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Designate Target Not Working for HEAT

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Game Version:0.33.7365

Brief Description: HEAT shells do not get damage bonus from designated target

Steps to Reproduce: Take any tank (T7-10) with HEAT shells, designate a target, and shoot with HEAT shells.

Result: HEAT shells have random damage rolls.

Expected Behavior: HEAT shells roll max damage on all hits during designate .


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Can confirm. This has been the case for a long time even before 0.33 (removing HEAT bonus damage), but the excuse has always been that Designate don't work because of the bonus damage. Bonus damage is now gone and HEAT still do not max roll with Designate.

AP working properly, hitting for 560 * 1.05 = 588 damage every time.





HEAT not working properly. I should be inflicting 672 * 1.1 = 739.2 damage per hit, and yet I'm getting way below that with variations.






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