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In Development: Stridsvagn 2000

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The day has finally come and we’re going to discuss one of the most awaited features of the summer. You’ve been asking a lot of questions and today, we’re finally ready to tell you more about it – the Stridsvagen 2000 Main Battle Tank!





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In Armored Warfare, the Stridsvagn 2000 will be a Tier 10 Premium Main Battle Tank and one of the rewards for reaching Level 50 in the Northern Wind Battle Path.

But before we tell you more about it, please note:

The numbers below are very preliminary as the vehicle has not been properly tested. They are sure to change and should only be discussed as an indicator of how we’d like to set the vehicle up.

With that being said:

As you’ve probably deduced from the historical part, this vehicle’s rather unique feature will be the combination of a main caliber gun and large caliber autocannon that will be, unlike the 30mm autocannon on the Object 195, usable – with some exceptions and proper aiming – against pretty much any target on the battlefield, giving you the opportunity to dish out large amounts of damage over time.



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But, as usual, let us start with the protection levels. Much like the Type 10 MBT, the Strv 2000 will start each battle with excellent protection thanks to a set of NERA armor covering the hull front and a portion of its flanks. In Armored Warfare, NERA works as a kind of ablative armor that is very strong at the beginning of a match, but its protection levels decrease with damage taken. In our case:

  • The frontal turret is all but impervious to all shells
  • The upper frontal plate and frontal hull roof are impossible to penetrate while the NERA kit is intact
  • The only weakness of this tank is the lower frontal plate, which is vulnerable to standard shells

The sides are, however, considerably less protected with only the NERA area forming an impervious zone. The rear portions of the tank’s side armor as well as the side turret armor are both vulnerable to conventional armor-piercing shells. The vehicle’s protection is enhanced even further by the presence of a Trophy hard-kill APS.



Click the image to open a larger version


The tank will also feature adequate mobility, provided by its 1500hp engine, resulting in adequate, if not the best, acceleration and hull traverse values (from 0 to 32 km/h in 5.2s, 35.8 deg/s). The maximum speed will be 70 km/h. This vehicle will not come with a hydraulic suspension.

But the true strength will come from its firepower. The main weapon is of course 140mm smoothbore cannon with the ability to fire two shells:

  • APFSDS (825mm of penetration, 860 damage per shot)
  • HEAT (990mm of penetration, 1120 damage per shot)

With the reload time of 10 seconds, the tank will be capable of dishing some 5160 points of damage per minute with the main cannon alone. The gun (and the 40mm autocannon) will be able to elevate to +15 degrees and depress to -9 degrees, which will allow for some rather comfortable gameplay. The aiming time and accuracy values will also be rather good, so in summation, we have an average-performing gun, the true advantages of which will lie in its comfortable use.

But there’s, of course, also the 40mm Bofors autocannon. This autocannon will fire APFSDS shells (230mm penetration) in three-round bursts using the same system as Griffin 50mm does. With this system, each of the shells in the burst has higher penetration than the last one – this simulates the effect of compromised armor integrity when three APFSDS rounds hit exactly the same spot. The final shell penetration will increase by 75%.



Click the image to open a larger version


In other words, this autocannon will be usable even against well-armored targets, not just against AFVs and external modules (like the 30mm autocannon of the Object 195 is). It will take some practice and skill to achieve the best results by switching between the main cannon and the autocannon but if done right, this tank’s damage output becomes extremely high.

The rest of the tank is fairly straightforward. Its camouflage and viewrange will match other MBTs of its Tier and there will be one Active Ability available at your disposal – Override, which temporarily improves your acceleration and maximum speed at the cost of agility.



Click the image to open a larger version


In summation, we’re looking an MBT that represents the essence of practicality. Solid armor, decent mobility and excellent damage over time output will make this tank one of the most versatile tools in your arsenal, equally capable in PvP and PvE. The key to success will be the switching between both weapon systems and maximizing your damage dealt before the enemies can whittle down your armor for you to become vulnerable. When that happens, you’ll need to switch your play style to a more passive one with your hull safely hidden behind an obstacle.

How to powercreep the 195 in less than half a year.



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Yea from the initial read, it does appear to be powercreeping most other MBT's - will see how it's armor & mobility performs.  The comment that it's 40mm on this will do more than the 30mm on the 195 (just damage AFV's and module damage) is worrying, as the 30mm on the 195 can pen any MBT in the rear (195 has mobility to flank and spank) and the turret of the t-15 for example.  


If rough maths are correct, with the 75% additional pen on the 40mm adds, it means it will get approx 402mm of pen from chain shooting a spot.  It's not clear if this will be clip based, long reload etc, but this will likely be enough to pen any tier 10 MBT on the side (in some point or another) when flat on.  It also means it can pen some MBTs (Leo, T4, K2) down their flanks when they are slightly angled.  I also wonder how powerful it would be in pvp to track a target with the 40mm, force a repair, then do rinse and repeat.  If the tank is mobile and has somewhat decent armor, I can see this tank being quite the powerhouse.  

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