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[NEWS] Another XP Farming Contest

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In connection to the Stay Safe bundle, which includes a temporary version of the following vehicles:

  • Object 640 Tier 10 Premium MBT
  • AMX-10 RCR Tier 8 Premium TD
  • Sabra Mk.2 Tier 7 Premium MBT

We are launching another contest, in which you can obtain their permanent versions.

The rules are, once again, very simple. From the launch of the contest, play the standard PvE mode on the Hardcore difficulty and try to obtain as much Experience as you can (net XP that is, boosters and other bonuses do not count) while driving one of the three abovementioned vehicles.

Submit your best result in the dedicated contest channel on our Discord. The winner of each category (one per vehicle) will then receive the permanent version of the respective vehicle. In other words, if you submit your Object 640 result and win, you will receive the permanent version of the Object 640 Main Battle Tank.

Make sure that your submission includes the following information along with the screenshot: Your in-game nickname, mode and your result.

Please note:

  • The contest ends on April 26, 23:59 CEST
  • One player can only submit one result per category (so make sure you submit your best one)
  • One player can only win in one category
  • All submitted results must be from the battles that take place during this event (April 16, 10:00 CEST to April 26, 23:59 CEST)
  • Platoons are not allowed
  • If you own the permanent vehicle already, you will receive its price in Gold instead

Here we go again... you know what to do.



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9 minutes ago, JCPershing said:

Another contest of "who does better on Leviathan".... ugh

More like "who get worse pubbies on Leviathan".



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