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Found 3 results

  1. Stingray/Rock camouflage replace Hi, I started working on some camouflage for a while and Im not fan of stingray/rock cammo from francine so I sort of reworked it with AI generator and there is result hope you will like it also ;) To insert cammo to game you need put object folder that is in zip. file to Armored Warfare localization folder usually English or lanuague that you use. LINK=> Cammos.zip
  2. Welcome to my shop - BootlegCamosCIO, where everything is free! My name is Ivo, I'll be your host and here are the items I can offer to you today, ladies and gentlemen! I made different skins for the game, replacing the "Drought 1" file (camo with 3 colors, so 3 colors change with the different seasons), since it's the easiest to unlock. I'm kinda new player, so I don't have many skins nor paint colors, so whoever has more paint will have more options for colors than the camos you can seen. Anyway, Drought 1 is camo is changing depending on the map(forest, desert, snow) and so will the skins. I was using Easy American, Desert American and NATO (white) paint for most of the skins.In the wide picture you can see 4 out of the 15 camos I've made and in the google doc link I've provided screenshots for all of the camos with the different seasons. How you can install this mod: 1 - Go into the "gamesdk" folder in your Armored Warfare folder. 2 - Find (the files at the bottom) and unpacking the "textures-0015.pak" file using 7zip. 3 - For the game to read the extracted files you need to rename/delete/put in a different folder the "textures-0015.pak file". If you'll delete it, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A COPY of it somewhere because you'll need it when there is a new patch, if you rename it, just fix it's name! (Why do you need to do that every patch? Because the game checks if all of it's files are present and if they aren't you'll be downloading extra 6-7 gb and you'll need to do everything from step 1 to 6 again) 4 - Now you should have 2 new folders - "objects" and "textures". 5 - To find the Drought 1 camo you'll need to enter the camo_textures folder. You get there by entering those folders: objects -> vehicles -> texture_universal -> camo_paint -> camo_textures. 6 - The file for Drought 1 camo is "camo_camo_dealer_is_01.dds" copy and paste my camos in that folder to replace the default Drought 1 camo. If you've done everything so far properly, now the game will read the camo you've replaced the default Drought 1 and you'll see it in game.If you want to use somebody elses camos and my own, if their camos replace the Drought 1, just rename my or their camos so that they replace a different default camo, like Drought 2(camo_camo_dealer_is_02.dds), etc. You can yourself customize your camos using "paint.net" and you can do it live - while the game is running. Open the dds file with paint.net, do some changes, save the changes. To see the changes in-game just dismount and mount the camo on your tank. You can preview and download my camos here https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1oZcUiNrqI4QTIxQH6gc6GG36FdPbZW1F?usp=sharing Have fun, tankers! :) P.S.:I'm not saying my camos are perfect, Hamsell and Grimm are making their camos from the ground up and they are THE people who put the most effort into the mods, but I believe the camos I've made look awesome and many people can enjoy them. And thanks for the help to start me off, Hamsell and Grimm! :D
  3. All the camos were originally made to replace drought camo. You can easily replace it with a different camo by just changing their name, but results may vary. I will keep this updated. Fell free to ask me for camos, but I'm not obligated to make them. Google drive: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1rg5y76q-cjlLV9pFId9n0IeHEYMONZgE Extra camos added: fidget spinner(26-05-2020); circuit board(08-08-2020);
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