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  1. Thanks I keep that in mind. Had no part offers for the Deri till now. I tried it in the test map but couldnt get used to it. Do you need to have it full upgraded with all bp mission upgrades to make it work?
  2. From which event came the Derivatsiya? Will it be available again? If some nice tanks apear in the bp shop which ones should I go for? I thjought about Sgt.York and TR85 would be my best buy or do I should look for something else?
  3. Im struggling with the Bullseye mission. Can you use HE like in the quote posted? Are there any cahnges since then to that mission? It seems tracking doesnt work. Any tips on that mission? I have no Tier10 tanks. Are there any lower tanks or premiums which could be good for the mission?
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