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  1. Thanks, I'm not entirely that data-driven (if I wanted to play spreadsheet simulator, I could've gone with EVE ), but yeah, as long as there are active peeps to platoon/grind together/banter on chat, that would be nice. Currently waiting to see if it gets approved.
  2. OS: Windows 10 x64 version 20H2 Game Version: 19.05.2021 Brief Description: Driving a tank in the south of the map I hit with the corner of the MBT one of the 3 concrete blocks that was placed, and suddenly vehicle froze and started pushing downwards with the rear side going up in the air. Steps to Reproduce: 1. play Ghost Fields 2. collide with any tank into the concrete blocks 3. see the ass of the tank go up and the front go down Result: 3. see the ass of the tank go up and the front go down Expected Behavior: It was supposed to stop and kill the acceleration. Fixes/Workarounds: randomly mashing WASD seemed to work a few seconds after the tank decided not to accelerate itself into the ground Other Notes: sadly no, when I spotted the bug by the time it took me to find a good angle the tank got back to normal :(
  3. And I thank you for that, as this techno-optimistic approach is really garbage and don't even know why they shut the forum down in exchange for this one when hosting a forum doesn't really cost that much
  4. Realised game is not that fun when playing solo, regardless which mode that is. I play mostly PvE but can play PVP/GLOPS as well, so far in terms of high tiers I got only a Chally 2 ADTU and a T-90MS, currently got fixated on the Merkava line (which is my current project now). Name ingame is the same as the one here.
  5. I can't say anything more than I was extremely disappointed to see that AW shut down their forum and moved solely on Discord; I am personally (and surely some of you think alike) against such format when it's about a decently-sized community, particularly because you don't get to choose in which conversation you find yourself in over chat, nor you can open up something different in parallel, nor you can revisit the thread in order to read up on it without breaking the scroll wheel. I used to be a beta tester of the game back in 2015-2016, dropped the game after I found out the "sponsors" of the game booted out Obsidian (that was the major selling point that attracted me to the game, as it was not made by Russian devs like WoT and WT with the related shenanigans), I've played it probably several days once every few years, but now I've somehow found it more appealing, and will surely stay for a bit longer.
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