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  1. Okay let’s down to business. So you want a premium vehicle. I am going to give a rundown of said vehicle and end its rating with a simple statement with a brief explanation on its rating I'll try to keep it quick dirty and simple. I will cover all premiums including battlepath ones. I haven't kept up with the seasonal campaigns so i don't have much input on these, or the vehicles acquired by Loot crates. If you got any questions or improvements ping me with feedback below. Bad - Effectively collector items, there is better value to be gained elsewhere. Okay - A decent choice, average or requiring specialist performance to get the vehicle to work. Great - A vehicle with a strong performance, good value for gold. Meme - It may be bad, but the fun factor the vehicle offers can't be understated. Let's start this show: Tier 2 T92 ACAV - It is just a paint job and premium status for a tech tree vehicle, unless you love it very much, look for something better. Bad M51 Sherman - If you love the tier 1 M50 Sherman have then a french 105mm gun is for you, but low tier premiums don't get much in the way of earnings. Save your gold for something better. Bad Tier 3 T-62 Veteran - It was a free vehicle for an anniversary celebration, wait for it to come out again otherwise free low tier tank. Bad T-55 Enigma - It was one of the battle path reward vehicles from competing a mission chain, you too can feel the confidence of an Iraqi T-55 crew strapping armor onto your tank and trashing your mobility in response. Bad Tier 4 MBTs IS-7 - It used to be a terrifying tier 3 MBT before the 2.0 re-balance its uptier brought it into the age of Heat, it gained from the last patch a 14.5mm co-axial machine gun regardless there are better options out there and further up the premium tree. Bad Object 430 - Apparently even before balance 2.0 this thing was overpowered and the community was befuddled by its nerfs, it got up tiered to its current tier where it languishes. Bad AMX-30B - A premium vehicle that gives up ERA in exchange for a IR Searchlight it has the same upgrade tree as its tech tree counterpart. Just No for 1000 gold. Bad T-62M - must be purchased from the store can't be brought in-game client with gold, the paint job is subjective to the user discretion. Bad T-55M1 & Type 59 IIA - Free tanks don't pay for them wait for an event to come around to get them for free. Bad OF-40 ICE - A Christmas skinned OF-40. Bad AFVs BWP-1M - Polish anniversary gift, alot of these low tier vehicles are given out like free candy during seasonal events. Bad ZBD-86 - I have a question for you? do you need a tier 4 premium afv to train your commander for Zeng Feng's AFV line which ends at a tier 8 Polish IFV. Bad OA-82 Jarmila 2 Monster - Reskin of a tier 4 tech tree vehicle from the monster crates. Bad ARTY Abbot & Abbot VE - the VE gets Hesh rounds and the Abbot doesn't, low calibre of 105mm leaves you feeling under gunned. Bad TDs AMX-10P 90 - An AMX-10P mounted with a turret fitted with a 90mm gun. It came into the game when balance 2.0 killed off the AMX-10P with the auto cannon. Bad LAV-150 90 - This thing used to be tier 3 and was murderous in pvp maps with a good commander and crew. Bad Zhalo-S - It is just too big to be usable as a TD. Bad Ontos - A six round recoiless rifle vehicle with a 30 second reload bad accuracy due to the rifles. However it's fun to do charges and unload 6 HEAT or HEP rounds into the side of an unsuspecting target, battle path reward for rank 10. Bad, Meme Tier 5 MBTs Chieftain Mk11 - A Chieftain fitted with the TOGs thermal sight from the Challenger 1 unless you really love the chieftain series of vehicles avoid. Bad Chieftain Mk6 Leader - A Chieftain fitted with a camo net over the turret, it was really bad before balance 2.0 because the net was placed on the base cast steel turret and couldn't fit the still brew armor kit over the top, now still a chieftain. Bad M60A3 ICE - An M60A3 reskined with a Christmas camouflage that is all. Bad Object 279 & Object 279 Banner Bearer - Used to be a tier 4 seal clubber only HESH could defeat it, now a reasonable balanced MBT. Gained a 14.5mm co-axial machine gun from the last patch. Bad T64-AV Hunter - Sold in the store on occasions, a reskinned T-64A 76. Bad T72-AV ICE & Ace - A Christmas skin for a T-72A sold during the holiday season.The Ace version is a unique desert camouflage. Still a T-72A underneath. Bad T-72 Victory - A vehicle offered on victory day celebrations. This is a base T-72 with no ERA upgrade. Bad AFVs BMD-2 Wolf - A wolf reskin of an BMD-2 nothing much to say here sold with the wolf pack in the store. Bad XM247 - Battle path rank 10 reward, if you want a tech tree counterpart try the AMX-13DCA. 40mm Bofor cannons what more can you ask for? its effectively equipped with tier 8 auto cannons, shreds targets and it gets PELE ammunition. It may have been absolutely shit at shooting down aircraft, but with aiming device MK1 eyeball it has no issues pouring on lead onto targets. Issue is availability with this battlepath season finishing up soon the window to get it is limited. Great, Meme LTs Sheridan Hi-Tech - A reskinned Sheridan from seasonal contracts. Bad TDs ERC-90 Shark - Shark reskin of a tech tree ERC-90 sold in the shark bundle in store. Bad IT-1 - Third anniversary reward vehicle, only has a ATGM weapon and the hull of a tier 3 vehicle. Bad VBL-Hi-Tech TOW - A Reskinned tech tree VBL-TOW seasonal contract reward, has the option to either mount a single TOW launcher or a 20mm auto cannon back from before balance 2.0 tech tree version offer the same experience. Bad Tiers 2-5 most premium vehicles don't offer value for gold due to the lower exp and credit modifiers at these lower tiers. From tier 6 & above is where they get reasonable. Tier 6 MBTs KPz 70 - A German variant of the MBT-70 project, has the unique option of equipping a 120mm cannon to replace the existing 152mm, the 152mm has access to a HE round versus its American counterpart. Strong Turret Armor along with hydrodynamic suspension makes its a comfortable vehicle to play and use. Issue is availability only sold through the store during events. Great MBT-70 & Merc – A American variant of the MBT-70 project, only armed with the 152mm cannon, has the ability to fire ATGMs from the cannon, same chassis as its German counterpart but different engines with the KPz 70 having a higher top speed and 1 second faster acceleration. Easy premium to access straight in game from the tech tree. Great Leopard 2AV ICE & Predator – A Christmas reskin of the tech tree Leopard 2AV sold during Christmas. The predator variant is sold during events. Functions the same as its tech tree counter part has the option to switch out the 105mm cannon for a 120mm for increased damage at the cost of slower reload and limited access to ammunition with an APFSDS round and HE available. Simple Play style hull down fighting. Okay XM1 - The old tier 6 tech tree american MBT versus the M1 Abrams it has a smaller lower plate weak spot in exchange for a larger turret ring weak spot, issue with it has a slower reload than its tier 6 counterpart, roughly a 1.2 second reload difference dropping its dpm to the lower end of chart around 3.3k. Okay Magach 7A - the predecessor to the Magach 7C in the tech tree has the same play style very strong turret and hull armor mixed with great gun stats and reload. Moblity is its main issue with an acceleration of 6.13 seconds to 32km. Great T-72M2 Wilk - A Polish prototype modification to update T72M1s in service, has a very good armor profile small turret ring weak spot than its other soviet counterparts, if your a lover of Soviet tank play style aggressive brawling and knife fighting then the Wilk will feel at home for you. Issue is Availability only sold during events and Polish independence Day. Okay WZ-1224 - Prototype development of a successor to the Type 59 tank in service, very strong frontal armor profile with the turret and upper glacis lower glacis has strips of armor that resist 450mm only the middle of lower galcis can be easily penetrated. Issue with roof armor that can be penetrated with HEAT rounds and ATGMs. Okay AFVs FV721 Fox Shark - A reskin of the tech tree Fox with shark camo, I cannot for the life of me drive wheeled vehicles i tend to over steer them and spin them in circles, the clip autocannon is ether a blessing or curse for the user, the pro it allows camo control usage the cannon has very low bloom and the reload time helps recover from camo loss, the cons the clip limits your damage output in cqc situations. Its ATGM armament is a low alpha damage missile with a Tandem charge. Okay Sabre - scorpion hull mounted with a Fox Turret it has better handling for those used to track controls the auto cannon is the same as the Fox the difference is it ATGMs tubes mounted at a upwards angle means the Sabre has a 15m dead zone where the missile cannot descent, ATGMs has higher alpha damage in exchange for a lack of a tandem charge. Okay Scorpion Kastet - A Scorpion hull mounted with a Ukrainian turret it finally has a rapid fire auto cannon. ATGMs are between the low Alpha MILANs of the Fox versus the high Alpha of the Sabre swingfire missiles. Issue is availability it came with its own campaign from the warlords of the wasteland battle path, sold during seasonal events? Okay MT-LB S8 - An MT-LB APC hull equipped with Dual S8 rocket pods, this thing is a TD with 40 HEAT rockets the bloom from firing is bad. The first shot trashes the vehicle camo and it never recovers, sniping with the rockets is futile, what it excels at is committed attack runs at the sides of enemies to dump those rockets at fast as possible turning them into scrap. With the right Commander combination I've heard this turns into a really annoying shit in Global ops or PVP. Great, Meme TDs Taifun II & Claw - the only ingame TD's with a casmate mounted gun very good gun stats issue is the limited traverse arc of the cannon, moving out of its arc reorients the vechile and starts to degrade the camo rating, biggest obstacle to mastering this vehicle is this issue. Okay Object 287 Vulkan - Fourth Anniversary gift an prototype Tank Destroyer, along with the ATGM launcher it has dual 73mm cannons that fire HEAT shells turret, has limited traverse in a 180 degree arc. Frontal Armor is Extremely strong against HEAT projectiles issue is against APFSDS rounds with the turret being exposed. Great EE-18 Sucuri Monster - a reskin tech tree Sucuri with a Halloween monster skin has a ready rack with the capacity to hold 8 rounds with a burst delay of 5.45 seconds versus the LAV-600 it has a larger rack with a slower burst fire making the Sucuri better for sustained fire. Okay LTs Expeditionary Tank & Reaper - Equipped with a magazine this vehicle has the ability to load 9 rounds and fire them with a burst rate between each round of 3.73 seconds. The issue with the vehicle chassis is the limited gun elevation otherwise a great premium LT. Great RDF/LT - the pew-gun LT equipped with a rapid fire 76mm gun that fires within 2.3 seconds it has the issue where you lack the alpha strike to finish or kill targets in a single shot. Okay VFM Mk5 & Merc - Solid all rounded Premium LT the chassis is great having good gun depression and elevation, with a reload about 4.3 seconds it pushes out around 6k dpm with APFSDS rounds, if your looking for a solid easy to use premium LT you can't go wrong with a VFM Mk5. Great
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