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    So... this is something that probably came way too late, but here is going to be a hopefully productive project for the AW community. In collaboration with SilentStalker, I've decided to start a regular Q&A feature between the community and the AW staff. The rules are simple: post questions here that you would like SS to answer, every month (or sooner if there's high demand) I will select 20 questions to forward to SS for him to answer and I shall publish his responses. Everybody are free to ask and/or repeat as many questions as they like, and I'll try to select the questions that would give us the most informative and discussion values. If you find some interesting questions from various Discord servers, feel free to repost them here too. Tips: don't ask closed-ended, yes or no question. It's boring to see a bunch of "will X be added to the game?" questions. ---- The cutoff for the first round of questions will be July 11, or sooner if we get a ton of questions. I will post in this thread to indicate the cutoff for this round and the start of the next.
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    https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/development-ztz-20 I have the strangest feeling right now, that the still unreleased 99B will end up powercreeping the ZTZ-20 or compete very heavily with it. ZTZ-20 looks very much like a PvP-oriented tank since WP does very little in PvE, but at the same time it just looks so... boring. I just have so little excitement at the prospect of another 99A2 clone.
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