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    I can't speak for PvP, but off the top of my head the problems in PvE are: 1. 15 second reload is beyond crap. The XM1A3's 140 has a 9.8 second reload. It should probably be 12 seconds. 2. Ammo is worse than the XM1A3's despite being the same ammo. 3. OMGWTF bloom after firing is insane, and lingers for a second or two before aim time kicks in. Thus the infamous "double-tap" that's allegedly what makes this tank good is crap. The second shot could land anywhere, and by "anywhere" I mean anywhere on the map, not on the target vehicle. You have to experience it to understand. The aim circle becomes as big as the HUD. So to effectively use the double-tap feature, you either have to be within about 25-50m of your target (and pray to RNGesus), or you have to wait several seconds (4-ish, I would guess) to re-aim after the first shot which kinda defeats the purpose of a double-tap feature. 4. A long time ago during one of the 5-6 nerfs (I'm not exaggerating, it was nerfed twice during its BP, and then again immediately after), its armor vs HEAT was reduced and its armor vs AP was allegedly made more uniformly strong in order to give it a distinct feel. I.e. you were supposed to need HEAT or ATGMs to defeat it, which presumably gave it character in PvP where most people only carry AP ammo. But that made it beyond bad in PvE where ATGM-spamming AFVs and TDs are the majority of the vehicles that you face. This problem has better and worse during various patches as they've balanced armor and ammo in general, but mostly worse. It seems like every adjustment to any kind of ammo somehow manages to hurt the CATTB. Right now, IIRC, it's armor vs HEAT is somewhat functional but not great and vs AP it's just bad (for a Tier 10). The 0.33 armor rebalance seems to have hurt the CATTB yet again.
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