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In Development: T-90M Proryv

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The final prize of the upcoming Tales from the Dark Battle Path will be a Russian Main Battle Tank called T-90M Proryv.





The T-90M Proryv Main Battle Tank is the latest modernization of the older T-90 series of MBTs and the most modern Russian tank currently in service. The modernization started in the early 2010s as a part of the Proryv-3 program (Proryv-2 being the T-90MS) with the first prototypes being ready in 2016.

Compared to the older T-90 and T-90A MBT, the this tank has received a number of upgrades in terms of fire control systems and electronics, including new commander panoramic optics fitted with an advanced thermal imager, advanced gunner optics, an additional APU, a satellite navigation system and a new battlefield management system. Crew protection was improved by the inclusion of new Relikt ERA as well as internal changes. The frontal fuel tank was removed and the frontal ammo rack was moved to an isolated rear compartment. The vehicle was also fitted with a new spall liner.

Since its reveal, it has been a subject of speculation whether the tank is fitted with Armata’s 125mm 2A82 gun as well. While at least one prototype with this gun was likely built, the mass-produced version is equipped with the 125mm 2A46M-6 gun that cannot use the truly advanced ammunition such as Vakuum-2.





The tank underwent state trials in 2017 and its mass production began almost immediately with the first vehicles reaching the Russian army (the Tamanskaya division) in 2020. This was possible by re-using the components that were developed earlier for the T-90MS.

The T-90M has been used extensively and successfully in combat during the conflict in Ukraine. The experience from this conflict was used in its numerous upgrades and several patterns exist with various armor layouts, including the soft Relikt containers seen as early as in 2017 in Syria and with additional rear ERA plates to protect the engine compartment. Several vehicles were captured by the Ukrainian armed forces.

In Armored Warfare, the T-90M will be a Tier 10 Premium Main Battle Tank.

The baseline vehicle is not unlike the other T-90s you already know from the game, especially the T-90MS. What this means is it’ll be a solid, fast Main Battle Tank with relatively high damage per minute value, which will come in handy especially in PvE. But having another T-90MS would be relatively boring so there will be upgrades.



Click the image to open a larger version


For one, the vehicle will feature additional layers of extra Relikt ERA, which will make it very well protected anything HEAT-based, be it shells or missiles. Unlike on other Russian MBTs, there will also be ERA elements covering the rear of the vehicle, even the hull. And, for even more missile protection, the vehicle will also feature Arena hard-kill APS available right away as well as Shtora soft-kill APS.

Aside from the “standard” ERA layout, there will also be an additional ERA layer in form of soft “bag” ERA elements on its sides. This kit will be possible to unlock via the Workshop feature (by completing Battle Path missions and such). So, all in all, this MBT will be fairly well-protected.

The mobility will be slightly worse than that of the T-90MS – after all, the vehicle is heavier. We are looking at 1250hp engine for its 50 tons, which translates into:

  • 5.83s to 32 km/h
  • 30s to its maximum speed of 65 km/h
  • Hull traverse rate 39 deg/s

But the firepower will be excellent. The tank will start with the 125mm 2A82 gun used by the T-14 Armata MBT along with a set of the same rounds Armata has (Vakuum-2 APFSDS, 3VBK27 HEAT, Sokol-V ATGM and a HE round).



Click the image to open a larger version


But that’s still not all.

The vehicle will feature a new ability called Recon Optics that will activate an extendable set of optics located on the back of the vehicle. This ability is partially similar to that of the AFT-10. It increases your vision range and the ability to spot enemies hiding behind foliage (bushes, canopies) at the cost of your own camouflage factor. In other words, activating this ability makes you easier to spot. The exact numbers are still being tuned but we are looking at roughly 345m with the ability enabled.

There’s more to it though. With this ability switched off, the gun-launched ATGMs behave as usual. But with it enabled, they gain the fire-and-forget function. In other words, you can just lock your target, fire, and they will home at it automatically.



Click the image to open a larger version


The rest is of the values is normal for its Tier and class – 337m viewrange and 15% camouflage. It is the ability along with its versatile ammo set, good protection and solid damage output that make the vehicle interesting. In short, unlike some specialist machines out there, the T-90M doesn’t have any glaring weaknesses and will perform well under most circumstances, even in the hands of beginning players.


Comments from SS (after teasing the next BP's vehicles but before this article's publication):

  • "There were/are enough upgrades (both live and experimental) for this to work fine. For [example], T-90M was at one point proposed to have Armata's gun."
  • "T-90M is interesting, has a lot of potential upgrades and is well documented instead of a random small-scale model. We'll have experimental stuff too, just not this time. As for why - because we decided so."



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