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May 7 Patch Notes

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We are happy to announce that the Update 0.140 is now available!



List of Update 0.140 Changes


Vehicle Fixes and Updates

With each patch we continue (and will continue) to update vehicles based on your feedback and fix them. In this update, we have the following changes for you:

  • Centauro 155 is now available again
  • Fixed an issue for multiple vehicles (but most commonly the ZTZ-20 Obsidian Blade skin) where, if the vehicle or a skin used some particle effects on it (for example Obsidian Blade’s yellow smoke), these effects would stay behind even when the vehicle was no longer spotted
  • AbramsX: Fixed a strange artifact below the tank’s hull
  • Akatsiya: Smoke and WP shells now have the same reload time as regular shells
  • Akatsiya: Adjusted the HEAT round to 700mm penetration (down from 750mm), 900 damage value and 200 non-penetration damage value
  • AS90: Destroyed model no longer clips into the ground
  • Boxer CRV: Shells no longer fly through enemy vehicles at short distances
  • CATTB: Removed the incorrect Modern Kinetic Rounds trait (vehicle’s APFSDS shells don’t behave this way)
  • KF41 Lynx Prototype: Fixed the broken, black textures on the vehicle
  • Leopard 2A6: APS launchers now have the correct color on the Leopard 2A6 HEL skin
  • Leopard 2A6: Antenna is no longer flying in the air on the Leopard 2A6 HEL skin
  • MBT-70: Gun is now properly centered in the mantlet
  • Rooikat 76: Added a new APFSDS shell with 730mm penetration and 360 damage value
  • Rooikat 76: Increased the ammo capacity to 150 shells
  • Scimitar: AP shell damage increased from 20 to 28
  • Scimitar: HESH shell damage increased from 24 to 34
  • Scimitar: HE shell damage increased from 26 to 34
  • T-72M1: Fixed the Wittmann skin machinegun color
  • T-72M4CZ: Camouflage is no longer incorrectly applied to roadwheels
  • TR-85M1: Reload time increased from 7s to 8s
  • TR-85M1: Reload time in magazine increased from 2.5s to 3s
  • Type 85-IIM: Fixed the Al Bashir skin roadwheel texture
  • ZTZ-20: Reduced the viewrange from 365m to 340m
  • ZTZ-20: Reduced the camouflage value from 22 to 13 percent
  • ZTZ-20: Obsidian Blade skin smoke no longer appears white on low graphics settings
  • ZTZ-20: Obsidian Blade skin smoke no longer appears white on low graphics settings

Russian Vehicle ERA Overhaul

Based on player feedback, we have started overhauling the Russian vehicle models and adding proper side ERA panels to where they should be. While it may not seem so, this is a very time-consuming task due to the fact the affected models need to be converted to a completely different format for us to work with them. That is why, for now, only the following vehicles are affected:

  • T-90
  • T-90A
  • T-72B3 and its variants
  • T-90A Burlak

General Changes

  • Gunfire sounds no longer disappear when hitting the target (the “muted sounds” issue)
  • Designate Target ability now works for all types of shells (previously it only worked for AP and HE shells)
  • Fixed another cause for the bug where players, upon acquiring a vehicle, see a different vehicle on their screen than they are supposed to get
  • KF51 Panther now comes with ATGMs loaded (the “where are the ATGMs” issue)
  • Fixed several Garage UI animation issues (various smaller bugs)
  • Fixed several localization issues
  • Added a number of future event assets


  • Note that Centauro 155 is now reverted back to single shot SPG instead of ready rack, which was documented in 0.128, but the vehicle is only made available again today.
  • Rooikat's new AP is can be unlocked from the upgrade screen, and while it shares the same name as Draco's stock AP, it actually has Draco's upgraded AP stats.
  • As for the removal of CATTB's "Modern Kinetic Rounds" trait, SS says it's "not a nerf, this has no influence on the vehicle performance".
  • The values for Scimitar's HE damage changes are not correct. They should be 39 full / 26 partial / 13 non-pen 63 full / 42 partial / 21 non-pen.


Edited by Qbicle
Mentioned incorrect Scimitar HE damage changes in path notes (see edit history)


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