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February 29 Patch Notes

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We are happy to announce that the Update 0.115 is now available!



List of Update 0.115 Changes


High Explosive Shell Fix

We have fixed the High Explosive shells to the earlier state. That is:

  • Most autocannon HE do not deal non-penetration damage (unless intended)
  • PELE rounds no longer deal full non-penetration damage (the “insane Rosomak” bug)
  • HE shells for large caliber guns work as intended

General Changes

  • Fixed the loading animation for several vehicles (the “Mephisto launcher” bug)
  • Fixed several smaller visual issues on the Defender skin for T-80UM-1


  • This patch seems to revert the HE mechanics back to the state in 0.90.6 (28th December 2023 patch).
    • According to SS on official Discord server, HEAB mechanics are still being reworked
  • The bug that causes some vehicles with missile launcher reload animation to be stuck in the reload position from the last patch should also be fixed.
  • On a side note, there is another announcement on Discord server, stating that "tonight at 23:45 CET, all Armored Warfare items will be removed from the My.Games Market.", adding that players should redeem items in the Market inventory just to be safe, even though the said items should still be accessible after that time (supposedly).


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