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December 28 Patch Notes

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We are happy to announce that the Update 0.90.60 is now available!



List of Update 0.90.60 Changes


Holiday Mode

This Christmas, we are once again enabling the Christmas Garage and the special Holiday Mode! A squad of snowmen took a magical sleigh and is dropping tree decorations over the village! Help Grandfather Frost gather the decorations and put them on the tree! Tree decorations will spawn across the map and it’s your and your team’s duty to pick each one up and bring it back to your base. But beware – evil Grinch-driven armored vehicles will stop at nothing to steal them from you, ruining your holidays!


  • The holiday mode can be selected in the Garage in the mode menu
  • The match generally follows the rules of Global Operations with both sides having a number of points
  • Capturing and bringing home the decorations resembles a Capture the Flag mode, each capture reduces enemy’s pool of points
  • The first time a decoration spawns, it will always be in the center of the map, the rest of the spawns are random
  • Player who captures a decoration will be clearly identified by an icon and visible on the minimap
  • Destroying a vehicle carrying the decoration will cause the decoration to drop to the ground and become available for capture by someone else
  • A new decoration spawns every 90 seconds
  • It’s necessary to capture 5 decorations to win a match
  • The match is played in 10v10 format and lasts 15 minutes

General Changes

  • Contract Mission timer now works as intended (with the exception of stacking)
  • Exile Battle Path: Elite missions now work as intended
  • Penetration indicator now updates mostly without delay
  • Fixed an issue where Mechanized Infantry wouldn’t shoot at targets effectively (however, there is still a bug remaining where its projectiles would sometimes disappear upon impact)
  • Fixed an issue where Lynx Skyranger parts would appear in two separate groups in your inventory


  • Holiday Mode was last held in 2021.
  • When asked why the infantry had problems shooting at enemy targets in the previous update, SS replied on the official Discord server that the update "reduced the amount of ticks in order to improve calculation optimization for the infantry - but by too much, accidentally."
  • Unrelated to this particular patch, but there was a long maintenance held on 26th December, which according to SS was to change servers, but location is still in Amsterdam. The difference before and after the server change should in theory be minimal, but there are multiple reports of players requiring multiple attempts to log into the server itself.


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