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September 7 Patch Notes

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We are happy to announce that the Update 0.60.5 is now available!



List of Update 0.60.5 Changes


Module Name Fixes

Once again, we have fixed a number of module and ammunition names to match their correct real-life counterparts. Many thanks to Spyder, one of our esteemed players, for his contributions.

General Changes

  • PvP map Waterway (Panama): Fixed a bunch of rocks near a bridge making players stuck at B3
  • PvE mission Scorpion: Fixed a rock making players stuck at I4
  • PvE mission Tsunami: Fixed a power pole making players stuck at D4
  • PvE mission Wages of Sin: Fixed a rock making players stuck at D4
  • Special Operation Death: Fixed a place where players could drive out of the map at F2 (the “gate bypass” exploit)
  • Added a warning for situations where players attempting to buy items in the Battle Path magazine fail to do so because the stock refreshed during the process
  • Further optimized the game’s loading process (third iteration)
  • Re-introduced the incorrectly removed “Russian Heart” decal that will be issued in the near future
  • Fixed an issues where the Afghanistan camouflages did not provide a proper bonus to camouflage rating
  • Fixed an issue where unlocking Battle Path levels and Loot Crates produced visual issues
  • Fixed some small UI issues
  • Fixed some small localization issues
  • Added some assets for upcoming events




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Regarding the Afghanistan camouflage, the latest version (mountain) of event camouflage is acquired, but not listed in my camouflage (owned) listing.

Do others have the same (missing) issue?


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I got all three (Afghan Camo #1, Afghan Camo #2, and Pakistani Camo) from the latest event, and they appear on my camo list as well as search result in customisation screen.


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