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Tier 6 M1 Abrams decal in-game bug

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Currently, M1 Abrams in Tier 6 has a decal in-game bug.

Now, look at this picture.

As you can see, the right side of the turret of the tank has a decal bug like this tank. Look at this. Some of the decals are cut off. All the other decals are like that. Any decal is cut like this.

However, the other side of the turret of the tank is not cut like this.


Developers, please refer to my bug report.

Thank you.



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bug report (see edit history)
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This bug has been since the wrong Abrams models were changed to even more wrong ones, and when was that? 

About 2 years ago, if not more, and the funniest thing in the current situation is that AbramsX is the only Abrams in AW with a more or less correct model

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