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PvP tips for Terminator 2 and Ramka

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Does anybody know how to make these tanks work in PvP / Glob-ops>

I've been trying and mostly failing but here's what seems to work thus far:

- Flanking, only works on certain maps like Roughneck

-Acting as a turret in a good position (ie, middle of the friendly team's ridge line on Airfield

I'm using Sabrina as my commander

Is there a better playstyle / commander that I'm missing?

EDIT: After realizing that there is already a similar thread, I am now asking more about play-styles / positioning.

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GLOPS Agressive playstyle/MBT support. Join the advance, learn to fire your missiles on the move, use your agility to maneuver the the sides or back of mbts and use autoguns.

One on one close combat with mbts, try to track them first then move on the side or back.

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Basically what @Norse_Viking said. It's a rush vehicle and should be used as one. Camping in this is not advisable unless you want to loose.

Try to stick to the MBTs and once they clash into the enemy proceed to push them and get on their back. this way enemy vehicles have no choice to expose their weakpoints to either you or your MBTs. If you rush a single MBT it's best to track it then AC its ass. 

Also those things destroy anything squishy without taking much damage as long as you keep moving (hard to hit weakspots). So if you find a situation where you can safely push into enemy TD/camping positions do it.

Basic glops rules like capping whatever you can as fast as you can still apply of course.





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