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Hello everyone.

My name is TeyKey1. 

As everyone else here I'm pleased to see this new AW related forum come to life. Let's hope that this one survives and will be a nice place for people playing AW :classic_smile:


I've started playing WOT back in 2012 which was as well the point where I got addicted to tanks. When AW was announced I was thrilled to dive into the world of modern Tanks. I participated in the closed beta and been playing AW ever since :classic_happy:

I'm mainly a PVP and GLOPS player in AW, and some might know AWtactics, which is a website dedicated for the german AW community, that I maintain.

In the swiss military I was a driver on the Panzer87 Leo WE (basically a Leopard 2A4) which as well gave me some additional knowledge regarding real MBTs.






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Welcome! Good to see you here, man! You'll see me most often in PVE Hard randoms, well after PvP hours are done for the day. Drop me a line if you see me on and we can run some 'toons!

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