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Merkava Urban Warfare Modifications

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This mod touches up on all the Merkava models in the game to make them fit the "armoured beast" stereotype better while keeping things believable. Given how the Merkava series are already very well armored, the major improvement is to give them frontal entrenching tools (mine plows) to allow them better versatility in urban combat, as well as other minor changes.

Vehicles modified:

  • Merkava 1 (and the upgraded Merkava 2 model)
  • Merkava 2B
  • Merkava 2D
  • Merkava 3
  • Merkava 4
  • Merkava 4M

Mod download: https://mega.nz/file/JQoiQBIL#jokTKelcm2uA3jzSbUrJ1l-wi3uJNiVvJLpvvPMpClQ




Side skirts are also touched up on, with the addition of rubber strips to marginally improve protection to the road wheels.




The Merkava 4 and 4M also received a new RCWS on the turret roof to engage soft targets without rotating the whole turret.



Last but not least, all the the previously empty turret bustles now also hold personal equipment for the crew.


Mod download: https://mega.nz/file/JQoiQBIL#jokTKelcm2uA3jzSbUrJ1l-wi3uJNiVvJLpvvPMpClQ


Installation instructions: this mod will persist across any future game updates and patches, there is no need to modify any other files.


To uninstall, simply delete the mod files.



Legalese and stuff:

You may freely use and redistribute this mod and perform any additional modifications as you see fit. Please attribute the author (me) when redistributing the mod, and provide the address of this thread as the source of the mod.

You may NOT monetize this mod or any part thereof.


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