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Forum & Discord Rules (Revised 2021/01/25)

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*** All the rules outlined here are subject to change at the discretion of the ArmoredLabs staff. ***
- Use of offensive racial/gender/sexual preference/religion-bashing terms, harassment or other hurtful speech. If you use a word with racial overtones in your post name, that counts. Even if you find it a source of pride, the Web doesn't know what nationality you are. All it sees is racial slurs on ArmoredLabs.net.
-- Hurtful speech is use of speech that only has malice without context (Harshly condemning someone without elaboration) or otherwise more meaningful purpose to the use of it (Such as meaning in an otherwise lighthearted manner)
- Excessive use of profanity anywhere on these forums and Discord.
-- This does not apply to the Venting Room except in extreme circumstances.
- Spam and links to spam. If you want to advertise, contact us directly.
-- If it involves the game itself, you do not need to ask to advertise but spamming the link/s across multiple threads even if it involves the game is still a violation of this rule.
- “First Posts,” “nth post,” and discussion of them with no meaningful commentary.
- Links to inappropriate or unrelated content such as porn, distasteful pictures, etc. People may read ArmoredLabs.net from workplaces or with children present. Some readers are children, in fact.
-- This includes PMs, live chat and any other means of using the forum software.
-- This also applies to public channels on Discord. If you want to share your smut, do it privately on Discord.
- Nonsensical posts that have nothing to do with the topic, repetitive diatribes posted to multiple items, off-topic posts that hinder discussion, and responses to those posts. We ask readers to ignore such posts. It’s hard to keep the comments clear of them if several people respond to them and responses mix with actual commentary.
-- These posts will be hidden as well and as often as possible to improve the flow of a topic. Additionally, should the topic of the discussion shift in a subforum such as Shenanigans, this rule will not be enforced heavily unless it is excessively disruptive.
- Personal attacks and openly antagonizing other users or ArmoredLabs.net writers. If Ad Hominem is the only retort you have, you already lost. Just stop.
-- People who both have a reputation for doing this and a pair of posters, including factions, cliques or other group of posts, constantly butting heads will be punished more harshly for their continual disruptions.This includes Extended ROs and moderation preview of all posts, up to and including permanently. You will not be explicitly warned when secondary enforcement of this rule is invoked. 
- Double postings and “Sorry for the double post” messages. We will delete the double and the “sorry.”
- Incomprehensible posts or posts in ALL CAPS. All caps posts are the equivalent of shouting.
- Comments about post deletion, or thread locks. The proper forum for this discussion is a private message to the forum staff.
-- Comments directly disputing actions involving ROs will be removed as well, if these actions are done while using an alt you will be subject to the rules involving ban evasion if you dispute the ruling publicly.
-- Discussions of member sanctions are permitted in the Member Sanctions subforum in the appropriate threads.
- There are a variety of sub-forums here. Please keep threads in the appropriate forum. Battalion recruitment belongs in the Battalion forum. etc. Threads determined to be in the wrong sub-board will be moved.
-- Repeat/regular offenders of this rule will be placed under moderator preview until they show they can actually read.
- No linking to software or advertising actions which violates Armored Warfare rules (i.e. botting software), this includes discussions that explain how to use glitches, exploits or any other bug to give someone an unfair advantage in the game. 
-- If such a mod is discovered linked on this forum inadvertently, such as through a modpack, we strongly encourage the pack creator to at the very least advise us of this and to remove the link until such a time that a revised version is made available for use without the offending piece/s.
- Discussion or speaking of selling ones account, as well as linking to sites that deal in selling accounts or advertising accounts for sale, is strictly forbidden.  
-- Discussion of account selling as a generality is allowed but on a short leash.
- Attempting to evade punishments will result in a permanent ban of your alt, and possible increase in sanction length for your main. Don't do it.
-- Repeat offenders of this will be permanently banned on all accounts.
Edited by Haswell
Revised rules for Discord parity (see edit history)



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Rules are now amended to apply to our Discord server as well.



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