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"[LUPO] Wolføx" is recruiting!

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✠ 1. Battalion Name


✠ 2. Battalion Tag


✠ 3. Motto
"Fight like a wolf and be sneaky like a fox!"


✠ 4. Region


✠ 5. Description

[LUPO] Wolføx!
"LUPO" means "Wolf" in Italian. Our Clan offers bonus boxes and premium tier 9 M1A2C Hades parts.
Just free join, free leave. Battalion search "LUPO", and just join!


✠ 6. Announcement
1) You are free to join and secede at LUPO.
2) There is no Teamspeak or Discord at LUPO. Ingame communication is possible through only In-game Chatting.
3) Rank Battle is not enforeced. But if you want, it's possible.
4) Do you want to attach nice style tag beside your nickname? Come to LUPO!
5) Remember, Comply with manners. No swearing.


✠ 7. How to join?
- Step 1. Look at the top menu.
- Step 2. Click "Battalion".
- Step 3. Search "LUPO".
- Step 4. Join.


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