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Type 74 tier 5 MBT have weird internal module layout

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OS: Windows 10 Home, version 1909, 64-bit

Game Version: 0.33.7425

Brief Description: Type 74 tier 5 MBT have weird internal module layout. Its engine size is too small and ammorack is behind the engine.

Steps to Reproduce

 1. Find Type 74 in the vehicle Global Directory

 2. Enter preview mode in the right click menu.

 3. In the Armor calculator mode, you can check its internal module by hovering your mouse cursor on the vehicle model.

Result: Its engine size is too small compared with other vehicles, and ammorack is behind the engine.

Expected Behavior: With its weird module layout and size, this vehicle have more module protection in the front than other vehicles.

Fixes/Workarounds: None.

Other Notes: This bug has been previously reported in August 1st in the official discord.


Actual module layout might be different, but since I recorded with AP round, which have very small internal module damage radius, so it should be mostly on par with the actual layout.



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