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PVE Doesn't Like Me, Sometimes.

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Hello folks, newbie here. Just found the site a few days ago. Love it! On to my issue.

This is an every once in a while problem. When trying to enter a Hardcore PvE match it will load to the point where I can see who the team members are, it then goes back to the opening splash screen and eventually takes me to the garage and shows the match is in progress. I try to rejoin, and it does the same thing. 

I've rebooted my computer, restarted the game and restarted the Game Center. Always the same result. I end up back in the garage without having a chance to fire a shot and leaving my teammates short-handed.

Anybody else ever had this issue and if so were you able to correct it?

Thanks in advance.

See you on the battlefield! Especially you! You know who you are.



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Welcome to the forum!

I sometimes get this issue as well, it is apparently related to packet loss that specifically occur during the loading. Not a lot you can do except to try and stabilize your connection, reduce your ping, etc.

If you are curious, you can try doing an active ping plot to the server while playing the game, and check what happens when you get booted back to garage. http://www.pingplotter.com/download/windows/

The game server IP address is



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