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[ELOD] Is Recruiting

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Good morning,

For those that do not know me, I am Katsumoto (I do go by other names). I am the battalion commander for Evil League Of Demons, or ELOD.  The name came from some of the outright evil things we have done in some other game titles.

My battalion XO and I have been discussing lately the possibility of recruiting.  We have been burned by some other clans/battalions/etc or fed up with some of the stupid stuff that goes on (such as the recruiter that has a 38% PvP WR and fails at seal clubbing, or the deputy commander that has the 41% PvP WR telling us how to play something he doesn't have or understand basic game mechanics).  We have been quite happy just running ourselves and picking up a few along the way. I’ve decided to open us up some, hopefully to find some like-minded individuals that would like a place to hang their gun and kick their feet up.

Our goals are not lofty, who we are looking for is. We are not looking to fill a quota. We are looking to start off with enough active people to start doing the small things, then move up to battalion operations, Spec Ops, training, and inter-battalion operations.  We'll keep moving up to the next step, then the next, and the next until either there is nothing else, or we find a happy medium.  Active numbers to get the job done mean more than a full roster of people that are never on or a command staff that is always a no-show.

So, here is the list of things as part of what we are looking for to join or form a partnership with us:

In General:

  • There is ZERO tolerance for “certain things”.  You will respect others and treat them fairly. I have a very high standard when it comes to how people are treated.  This is not negotiable.

  • Life. Comes. First.

  • Having fun in game is a priority. The second it starts to feel like work is when we need to start getting paid.

My Expectations:

  • A team is a team. It is expected that you act within that framework. It doesn’t matter if it as part of our own battalion, or within the scope of working with other battalions or platoons that I hope to partner with in the future. Your actions and conduct reflect who you are.  You reflect who we are.  We win together.  If we lose, we'll do that together too.

  • We don’t want the rock stars, or the player with the 100% win rate over 100 million PvP battles. A player that bust their a** and falls short, but understands the value of the base hit holds more value in my book than the ones that go to bat each and every time to try to knock the ball out into the parking lot.  The former has room to learn and grow, the later are too set in their ways and are not willing to change or adapt.  If you are one of those rock stars, you are going to have to prove yourself to us.  (Author’s note: it is understandable that in PvE if you have to clean house due to how public PvE matches go...).

  • Seal clubbing and stat padding is HIGHLY frowned upon.

  • I intend for us to go into harms way and look for the fight. We as a group will lead from the front line, not the back of the map.

  • Out manned? Out gunned? Out of position?  No problem, that is where the fun isIf you can’t handle that then you don’t need to be here.

  • Honor the fight. This applies even if you are on the winning side. Sore winners suck more than a sore loser.

  • There’s play time, and there’s play time. You need to understand the difference between the two. The latter is where you suit up, grab your gun, and rise to the occasion.

  • It is understandable that everyone has those days where you just want to do your thing and be left alone to relax. I get it.  Everybody has those days.  But keep in mind that we are going to do things and continued reluctance to wanting to join in will have a negative impact.

  • Before we extend an invitation to join the battalion, we are going to play some matches with you and we are going to talk. We are going to look at certain things like if you have the Hero Simplex virus (aka you like to face hug and do stupid things that keeps the rest of the team from being able to help get your out of particular problem, or you act in a way to screw over the fight or others). You are going to be looked at to see how well you work with others and communicate. I don’t care what your win rate is or how many tanks you have.

To Join:

  • Meet and understand the conditions listed above.

  • We use Discord as our primary means for communications.

  • It is highly desired that you are available during North American evening hours during the weekdays. On the weekends every now and then when peak PvP time is in effect is desired.

  • It is expected that you participate in PvP.

  • Have a decent selection of tanks from tier 5 through 8. We would like you to have at least a couple of tier 9’s or 10’s but it will be understandable if you don’t.

  • You have a basic understanding of game mechanics.

  •  If you can’t be available, talk to us. Most of us are friends in real life, not just on a contact list in a game somewhere.

  • Have a desire to have fun.


If you have questions or comments, please feel free to message me here on the forum, in game (IGN: Katsumoto), or via Discord (Discord name: Katsumoto).  (Note: I will edit this to add in my XO's contact info after I clear with him putting his name out there).  Private things stay private, public things are fair game to all.  Complaints will normally get answered in 3 to 180 business days and may be filed away in the oblong shaped container with a bottom......


See you on the battlefield.


"If you were not birthed with claws or fangs, store bought will do just fine."

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