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  1. I get the feeling that instead of "developers", it's more like "developer" (as in, they have one guy who is in WAY over his head). Moving your product from one domain to another while KNOWING that it is going to break a feature (daily bonuses, log in issue, making game unavailable for the steamy users, etc.) would get you fired in 10/10 IT companies I worked for.
  2. The coding to do that was much easier than coding to do it right. I believe they call that "efficiency". Это достаточно близко для работы в правительстве.
  3. Greetings. Joining basically to watch for when the audio mods can handle AW's latest downgrade and I can listen to glorious hose of death from M48 GAU again. I know some people on here and some people on here know me (and are probably yelling at their screens "WHO LET THIS JACKASS IN??!!" I shall endeavor to behave whilst on these premises and will refrain from discussing *********'s total lack of personal hygiene.
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