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  1. Hello all! Prior to games like this, the closest I got to armored units was riding in AFVs and being a Cav Scout. I then went Airborne and picked up the Pathfinder badge. Other than some 'activities' in the 90's I stayed mostly with the infantry battalions for my two tours. Enjoying the semi-realism of Armored Warfare. After time in-service, I spent the following years in various fire fighting fields of work, from wildland to structure, code enforcement to technical rescue. My last stint in the fire service was with a Firedancer Unit ( these are the crazy people that go into the fire to rescue the fire fighters when things get bad). My handle is in homage to my fire service days. SevenCats is from my station mates hanging 'The 7ft Cat' moniker on me, and the FD is in honor of all the Firedancer Units that have and continue to serve. My Pathfinder Group had two unofficial mottoes; Carpe Noctem - Seize The Night, and Repensum Est Canicula - Payback's a Bi***! but let's enjoy ourselves anyway and remember that wonderful quote, "Your job is Not to die for your country, but to cause the other guy to die for theirs!"
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