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  1. I have been able to cut a new release which is considered stable. You can download the new version of the program here: https://github.com/TeyKey1/AW-Modloader/releases/tag/v0.1.0

    I have done some major internal changes which make the app considerably more responsive during loading states. Also featuring actual loading indicators and other cosmetic fixes. Stuff I did a while ago but just did not find the time to actually release until now.



    Styling issues:

    • App help page dialog no longer clips with top app bar
    • Removed small artifact caused by styling of the actions row in the main app view


    • Add UI loading indications for all operations
    • All blocking operations are now happening in blocking threads. This leads to a responsive UI even during demanding workloads.


    • Fix missing "ask in forum" button translation
    • updated various dependencies to the newest available version

    As there seems to be not too much interest in this tool and I do not have time to maintain it further, this is very likely the last release. It should still work well for general mod management (especially if you have a large amount of mods which you want to activate/deactivate/delete frequently) in the future, so do not hesitate to try it out if you think it might be helpful for your use case.

    Also, if anyone wants to take this project over or expand it, feel free to do so. Source is MIT licensed and available on Github

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  2. There is now an initial version of the AW modloader uploaded on GitHub. 

    Important: Bugs are to be expected, even though most stuff should be ironed out by now. Use at your own risk. After testing a first release will be made (probably in a new thread) which should be working well.

    The program does what the name says:

    • Load Mods into the program
    • Manage mods by activating/deactivating them for the use ingame
    • Version control of mods
    • Collision detection of mods


    Important stuff first:

    - Source Code (MIT): https://github.com/TeyKey1/AW-Modloader
    - Supported Plattforms: Windows 7-11 (32 & 64 Bit) (Currently only win10 64Bit is tested)  
    - Supported Languages: English, German (Other languages can be supported as well but for this I need help see https://github.com/TeyKey1/AW-Modloader/issues/1)
    - Supported Installer Languages: English, German, French, Polish, Russian
    - Download of the program: https://github.com/TeyKey1/AW-Modloader/releases/tag/v0.1.0-alpha
    - Issues: Report here or (even better) https://github.com/TeyKey1/AW-Modloader/issues


    Making mods compatible with the modloader

    Generally lot of mods should already be compatible with the modloader. Though theres some mod distributions with an incompatible folder layout. The expected folder layout for a compatible mod is as follows:

    MyFancyMod.zip =>

    Generally the archive needs to represent the folder structure that is required inside the localization/<language>/ folder.

    ThisIsWrong.zip =>

    This does not work for example as the modloader directly inserts the file into the correct localization folder already.


    In order to attach more information to your mod that the modloader can use you can create a modinfo.json file. Using this file you can achieve proper version control of your mod in the modloader. The file needs to have the following JSON data (The modinfo.json is not mandatory but recommended):

      "name": "My mod name",
      "author": "TeyKey1",
      "version": "0.1.0",
      "injection": "localization",
      "info": "This is an awesome mod info\nIt contains all the best tank colors\n\nmore info here: https://armoredlabs.net"


    • name The name of your mod
    • author You, probably
    • version The current version of your mod. This needs to follow Semver
    • injection Currently only "localization" is supported, so leave as is
    • info Some info text about your mod. Can be multiline using escape characters

    The modinfo.json file needs to reside in the base of the mod archive:

    MyFancyMod.zip =>


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  3. Hallo.

    Erstmal willkommen :happyseal:

    Eigentlich ist unsere Forensprache englisch, ich werde deine Frage trotzdem kurz beantworten:

    Das Fadenkreuz in diesen Bildern stammt aus alten Versionen von AW. Es wurde 2020 in der Spirithaven Season durch das neue UI ersetzt (https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/guide-customizing-your-battle-ui). Es gibt keine offizielle Funktion im Spiel, welche dieses Fadenkreuz anzeigt.

    Soweit mir bekannt ist, hat es nie einen öffentlichen Mod gegeben, welcher das alte UI zurückbrachte. Könnte aber sein, dass es moddingtechnisch machbar ist.

  4. They announced on Discord that they would disable the global chat due to the Russian invasion, with reason that it is an apolitical game.

    Not like much will be lost anyway, as global was usually filled with retarded shit due to no moderation at all.

  5. 15 hours ago, Zafir said:

    Would disagree here! Nothing sucks, any and all motivation to play out of you than getting into 6v6, 8v8 or 10v10 PvP / GlOps match with a 3-man platoon on one side.
    With the recent BP, I see more and more instances of players just abandoning those games shortly after they start, making a miserable experience for the ones left behind even more certain.

    You know how well AW is with PVP modes. And SS statement regarding that just made me laugh once again. The game is in a situation regarding PVP modes where they can only lose no matter what they do. Either make people wait a shitload of time to get good matches, which drives people away because they understandably don't want to wait 2min for a match. Or you just don't give a fuck about balance and just smash some stuff together to get a team, which drives people away because of a shit experience. Anything related to the term "balance" was thrown out of the window quite some time ago, so it's hard to not have a shit experience in PVP anyways.


    Regarding Labyrinth, the win rate and popularity dropped over time, and it eventually became a mode where many players found it difficult and only a small percentage of players enjoyed or could take advantage of it. It's been taken down for re-evaluation and may be readjusted in the future.

    Looks like the general direction of the game in the last months totally fits the playerbase then :snrk:

  6. Still vaguely remember the days where we would get such "upgrades" like Kinzhal for free as a module on the respective progression vehicle. Been a long time. 
    Vehicles look cool though, too late unfortunately. We'll probably have to see how the AC changes work out first anyways to know if worth or not though with the history of BP top rewards I doubt this will be an issue at all.

  7. 17 hours ago, Grenier said:

    This is kinda the last nail in the coffin for the game to me really... Well, there was a lot of last nails in that coffin for the past year when I think about it...

    This whole article is a clown show just as everything they did since .33 

    I don't think there was a single time where it was worse than that. There surely were super shitty things and questionable decisions but this time it totally feels like they are trying to dumb stuff down so hard that it would fit into a mobile game, while they are mumbling something about "enhancing diversity" during the process.

    I'm glad that I don't have to be part of this anymore and hope that at least some players like the new "features" of the update.

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