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  1. @GoldenGnuOh, cool, will implement that at next bot update ;)
  2. @GoldenGnu TBH I did not understand what's the ETag, but my bot should not hit you more than once in hour.
  3. @GoldenGnu Can you, please, make some kind of public API, so I could easily retrieve current active maps?
  4. Nah, sadly, site backend returning pre-rendered HTML document, not a .json data. And forum signatures are dead
  5. Actually it's not an API but it's works like one. It parses player data from statistics page on armata.my.games and returns data in python dictionary(it's some kind of JSON). In order to use this library you need basic knowledge of Python and cookies from armata.my.games(because website just won't give page with statistics if you are not authorized) You can get library itself at it's github repo: https://github.com/lookandhate/ArmoredWarfareAPI There are actually instructions how to install and some examples. For now you can retrieve player stats from all 5 gamemods(including legacy Lords of War mode) and even specify tank if you don't want overall statistics.
  6. ATTENTION: DEVS CAN PROHIBIT USE OF PROGRAM ANY TIME. SO IF IT HAPPENS I WILL UPDATE THIS POST WITH INFORMATION ABOUT IT'S FUTURE. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR GAME ACCOUNT BAN/YOUR PC BURNING DOWN. SO IF SOMETHING BAD HAPPENS - IT'S ALL ON YOU. Sup everyone. Today I'm releasing first Beta version of program that will broadcast your current map to your discord playing status. So far it shows only PvP and GLOPS maps only in English(i.e you can't set Russian level name due some SDK problems). To start program just double click on exe, you can download using link below (it does not matter do you launch it before or after starting the game). If you have found bug, either create an issue on github or write about the bug down below in this theme. Known issues so far: 1) PvE maps displays as NULL Some examples Download Create an issue
  7. Ye, indeed. IIRC, sniffer needs system driver, but this driver works only with WinXP, BUT AW doesn't even start on XP
  8. Sup guys. IDK is it related here, but i wanna show you a decrypted gamedata.dat from alpha verison of game. And a little cheatsheet: gamedata.pak\scripts\entities\vehicles\implementations\xml\ - tank scripts; gamedata.pak\scripts\entities\items\xml\ammo\vehicles\ - shell scripts; gamedata.pak\libs\ui\ UI stuff; Link to gamedata
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