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  1. @TeyKey1

    well it was mostly a curiosity question about can it be done.  what didn't get asked is what was behind the decision to not make barrels *solid* in the first place.  was it too  difficult to code or aesthetics or budget constraints.  I just get really bugged about not having real world interactions when so much effort goes into the ballistics end of the game.  don't even want to get started about moving vehicles winking out and appearing in a different location.  my math phobic brain can't comprehend the ballistic and armor pen calculations so I conceive of the other elements as relatively simple to accomplish.  kinda shows just how much I don't know <shrug>

  2. so if I understand all this information correctly, it would be possible to make barrels have the same *density* as hulls.   this would mean that barrels wouldn't float through walls, rocks and the like.  right?    or is that more along the lines of altering the core concept of the way the game has been designed.

  3. hi folks this is more personal frustration than anything else.  was on the old forums for both AW and WOT and I suffer from the same issues in both games, namely poor performance.   PC gear is ok, ping reasonable so that is not the issue.  Taped reviews not working, mentors don't help/give up, not able to put suggestions to use (they don't work for me).  no matter the effort, and I have put in a lot, I remain a player that is below average most of the time; in every single game regardless of title.    so I just play- still caring about my lack of kills, damage, spots, and place in the team.  just once I would like to finish the missions and get a reward instead of only getting 1/3 to 1/2 of the way through and running out of time. 

    just a deranged old tanker XD


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