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    Make the most important decision in your life. Prove to yourself that you have what it takes to become a Helldiver. Nothing too fancy outside of the paintjob and some material tweaks to remove as much dirt and rust as possible. Credits: @tahax for exporting and providing the model @Lukasino for doing the boring work of initially setting up material files Myself, for the textures and tweaks. Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/7n528ibadvyuobr/rooikat.7z/file If you like my work and would like to see more content in the future, consider supporting me with a one-time donation on Ko-fi: https://ko-fi.com/arto9 Every dollar helps and is appreciated.
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    This mod is pretty unorthodox compared to the others. It is a mod changes some of vehicle's name and description (including change description when change a skin of some vehicles) aimed to make some vehicles to make it become more ''accurate''. Since it is designed to be used for my personnel use (I post it here solely due to friend's request), it might not totally historical accurate, as I change mainly the vehicles that I use often. Still, a creative suggestions are welcome. These pictures are a few examples of mod (there are more changes than these). If you find it interesting you can try. PS. The mod need to be updated every time the game add more vehicle/skin, which I'll do but will take time (might take a few days for a large updates such as new BP). localization.zip
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    Worrying parts that stand out for me: When asked if AFT-10 will get buffed in the future, SS says it will as part of a general overhaul (the vehicle is doing very badly in PvP) - A global rebalance has been 'on the cards' for 3+ years so far, and stated in every Q&A that it's being looked into. There may be plans to buff LT's DPM up to autocannon kind of level This statement leads to some concerns about the very high DPM that can ruin objectives in some Spec Ops missions (e.g. protecting the Zubr in the 2nd mission of Caribbean Crisis or the SAMs in last mission of Moscow Calling), but SS doesn't think so - SS has stated several times he doesn't play the game outside a quick load up to see if a tank works. This will be a disaster for any sort of balance / objective where you have to defend something from swarms of light tanks As for autocannons' high DPM, SS disagrees with suggestions to tone down their rate of fire, saying that their high rates are popular with players, but maybe reduce their damage values instead. Terrible idea, auto cannons were meant to be given more burst and less overall kill potential with the previous AC rework. Instead they just made the best AC's even better - some now can kill 2 tanks before overheating. Or deal like 7.5k damage before overheat kicks in for 2s. The game engine doesn't cope with the sound files as is and causes overlap / stuttering when multiple fire at once. Easy fix is to reduce the ROF and balance it with the damage values after. There are also plans to make MBTs more useful in PvE in face of DPM-heavy vehicles. One such idea is to give them a taunt ability (similar to MMORPGs) that forces bots to focus on the MBT player, who then takes reduced damage and possibly gets rewarded for tanking. Nothing is set in stone though. This exists. It's called Co-Ax machine gun. The AI is coded to respond to the most recent tank that shot it but I'm not surprised that SS doesn't know this as he doesn't play the game. The devs simply do not use the same version of the game that the players are on to do any sort of changes / balances. SS considers adding a forward facing hard kill APS for the KF51 Panther (similar to that on CV90120 Ghost), but it's still too early to decide on such a change - Why are we getting newer tanks with random balance in a way that doesn't apply to the rest of the game? It makes no sense and for a newer players experience, it will be confusing and frustrating to play with. Edit: one other thing I was thinking about after this - there is talk of bringing light tanks up to Auto cannon dpm levels. But this would just further stretch the difference between the high damage tanks and the lower damage ones. If you buff light tanks it will mean that gun based TD's, or ATGM based TD, or SPGS will also suffer from being just flat out worse than others. MBTs will be left in the lurch and then you get the hybrid outliers like the MPF which become dominate over the tech tree stuff. Why take the PL when you have a premium with more armor, same camo & VR, and double the DPM?
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