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    Good day everyone! I hope that you do not refuse to help me, and respond to my request. The fact is that about a year ago, the developers changed the model of the gun on the tanks of the Leopard series, namely, starting from model 2 and up to model 2A5, the gun has a bend sensor. This is all great, but the problem is that the gun came out shorter than the original, and if you compare it with the L44 gun mounted on the leopard 2AV, then this mistake is very striking. Is it possible to change this misunderstanding by rearranging the gun from leopard 2AV to leopards 2, 2A5, 2A4 Revolution and Evolution? In addition, I would like to ask about replacing the turret of the Abrams M1A2 tank with the turret of the M1A2C tank, since the turret of the second tank also has fewer errors in the model and generally looks much more organically. Thanks in advance for your help and kindness.
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