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    100% agree I have to disagree, sorry. It's her uniqueness, and her OPness that ruins everything I believe this might be the workaround that @Silentstalker mentioned somewhere. I worry that there will be some sort of "OPhelia-lite" commander that is available, for gold, for example, meaning this particular power is no longer technically "pay to win" since you can get it somehow, through another commander. If this is the case, it will do nothing but mean everyone will use one or the other. If they introduce more commanders with just as crazy powers, what are the chances that these powers will also be unbalance-able, and mode ruining, considering the mess made by introducing OPhelia? They'd have to be sooooo careful the new commanders aren't going to make the others not worth playing, by comparison as well... And most importantly, check every new power, paired with every possible tank, paired with every possible mode, and MAKE SURE the OPhelia mess isn't repeated. And to be honest, since the whole recent update thing has been about reducing power creep, introducing a new wave of Commander-power-creep... :-( The real cure for OPhelia, is make her power once per match, and you'd have to activate it. Fixed. Done. It's not really hard to figure this out, or to code it.
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