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Developer Diary: Leopard (and Harimau) Upgrades

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Today’s text is going to be short and sweet in order to show you we are listening to your feedback. Since the initial release of the Leopard Cockerill article, we’ve analyzed your feedback as well as the performance of the Harimau progression Light Tank (which the Leopard Cockerill closely resembles in performance – same turret and all that).


In short, we’ve come to the conclusions that buffs to both vehicles are needed. That is why we are making the following changes:

  • Harimau is receiving HEAT rounds (similar to the other ones of the same caliber and Tier)
  • Leopard Cockerill is receiving them too
  • Leopard Cockerill is getting the optional firepower configuration that trades the previously announced magazine for sustained rate of fire
  • Both vehicles will also see the magazine configuration reload time reduced to 1.5s


The fourth bullet point appears to be referring to the reload time within magazine (in this case it should be a ready rack), which is 3s in the current build. Given that both tanks have Improved Ammo Feed module (burst rate of fire increased by 50%) as well, dumping 4/6-shot HEAT in quick succession has great burst potential, perhaps even more so with Rapid Fire ability, but the latter is mostly used to reload faster in most cases.

Edited by Qbicle
Mentioned burst potential with improved ammo feed instead of rapid fire ability (see edit history)
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