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BC bonus when > 3 minutes in queue is not working.

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OS: Windows 11 PRO, 64 bit

Game Version: Latest

Brief Description: The BC (5) you should receive when > 3 minutes in queue, or > 5 minutes (10) is not working.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. When in queue make screenshot (start amount BC)
  2. End game make screenshot (note received BC)
  3. Start next game and at finishing it make screenshot (note received BC)
  4. You will see that the promised BC are missing.

Result:  The mentioned BC will not be given (system is not working)

Expected Behavior: Want to receive the BC who were promised

Fixes/Workarounds: None. Announce to everyone this breakdown is existing.

Other Notes: Informed Support with evidence, got a " shitty" responds and some BC as " gift", but system is still broken. SS has requested QA to make an investigation (provided extra evidence as prove).

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