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September 8, 13 & 15 Update Notes

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3 updates within 7 days. Most of the changes are BP-related. The following patch notes are in chronological order.






List of Update 0.38.9199 Changes


Battle Path Launch

With this update, we are launching the Rise of the Dragon Battle Path. Please refer to the dedicated article for more detail.

General Changes

  • Compensated players for the incorrect Battle Coin tokens and Crates from weekend Special Operations
  • Namer: Rebalanced this vehicle’s modules and fixed some of its issues
  • T-15: Fixed the Dragonslayer skin appearance
  • T92 ACAV: Fixed this vehicle’s camouflage
  • Type 74 Snow Tiger: Fixed this skin’s appearance
  • Removed the incorrectly issued Hidden Foe decal
  • Fixed a number of small visual model issues
  • Fixed a number of localization issues






List of Update 0.38.9213 Changes


  • Rise of the Dragon Battle Coin tokens are now possible to use (please note that your old weekend Special Operation tokens are still not working upon launch; they will be compensated throughout the day)
  • Fixed an issue where some older decals looked like those from the Rise of the Dragon Battle Path
  • Garage cinematic camera no longer triggers when playing the Rise of the Dragon intro video
  • Removed some unnecessary resources from the client to reduce its size
  • ZTZ-20 no longer uses Weiguo Wang as its default Alabino commander

Please note that some Battle Coin tokens are incorrectly localized and still refer to the “Future Battle Path”.

Note: BP coin tokens compensation is an ongoing fix; some people still haven't got theirs fixed as of 15th September






List of Update 0.38.9214 Changes


  • Fixed an issue where the Rise of the Dragon Battle Path vehicles couldn’t reload and switch ammunition properly in some matches (also known as the “ZTZ-20 reload bug”)

Unrelated note: The Namer is "back" for the second time and it can be found on the Global Vehicle Directory (aka Encyclopedia) at the moment.

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