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    Added turret cosmetics from the Ridgeway turret to regular M8-105 and M8-120. Takes base paint and camo properly, cloth and straps are deliberately kept gray and black regardless of camo and environment. Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1lISucGXGuRYjueemHcoC84u5gNYLdxeL/view?usp=sharing To install simply drop the contents into your localization/[your language] folder.
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    Fulfilling the request of HetzerGonnaHetz, iam posting this visual mod for the T-90MS. This is what the tank looked like during tests in Kuwait. You can download this mod from Yandex disk. The .exe is a regular WinRAR archive and you can easily extract the desired folder from there and copy it to your localization folder.
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    I haven't tried using homing missiles in American Dream, but can confirm that self-guided missiles do work on Desert Strike, because I saw an AGDS shooting down all three of the helicopters and thereby completing the secondary objective last month.
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    They're bugged and most of the time cannot be damaged.
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    Type 16 MCV skin based on Type 16 MCV Japan Ground Self-Defense Force camo Download here Enjoy!
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    May I request another skin? BM-Oplot with RTA camo.
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    So here's an Imgur album with screenshots of the garages https://imgur.com/a/zibkFV7 From TeyKey1: Gar Folder:gar_base = Old garagegar_geom_thumbnail = Dev debug/testing garage (blank screen, nothing selectable, see screenshot) (Very cool war drums though!)gar_eeu_lean = Dev debug/testing garage (leads to a game crash) gar_outdoor = Old premium garagegar_season_02 = Arabian Nightsgar_season_03 = Moscow Callinggar_season_04 = American Dreamgar_season_05 = Spirithavengar_season_06 = Apocalypse (Famine)gar_season_07 = Apocalypse (Plague)gar_season_08 = Exodus and the new default Garage (Waterfall)Promo Folder:gar_china = chinese new year garage (old-premium garage style) gar_china_spring_festival = chinese spring festival (nearly same as gar_china with some more red colors and different texts)gar_china_unniversary = Not quite sure what event this was (Alabino style with big screens, some gifts as well old premium garage style) [sic]gar_holiday = Leads to a game crashgar_holiday_02 = Halloween garagegar_holiday_03 = Christmasgar_holiday_04 = Unknown Russian holiday ^ (Currently as of the time of writing, all of these lead to game crashes, but that might just be a me problem gar_holiday_05 = Five Year Anniversary Garage with presents, sparklers and screens showing your vehiclegar_holiday_06 = Victory Day gar_nevada is not yet implemented Season 6-8, and Nevada is new info added by me
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