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Failure to connect to match

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OS: Windows 10

Game Version: 23.02.2022

Brief Description:


I have frequent bouts where I am unable to connect to a match. The loading screen spools up to 100%, then it kicks out to the main game loading screen and dumps me back in my garage, showing that tank "in match". I've tried the reconnect feature, but it literally has never worked.

It happens far more often with matches T8 and above. I've tried restarting, reinstalling, etc. (including restarting my PC) - it's a consistent issue for me. Probably happens 1/3 of the time in T8 or higher matches. I'm in the US if that's helpful. Seems like some kind of server timeout issue to me.

I have very fast internet, and zero connectivity issues to any other game. (including WoT and WT)

Steps to Reproduce:

Play any match, higher tiers increase likelihood of disconnect at match start, booting me back to garage.  Reconnecting to match never works.


30-50% of the time, in a higher tier PvE match, I'm booted back to the garage, and always unable to reconnect, including restarting both the game, as well as the computer.

Expected Behavior:

Be able to connect to match and play normally, which is more reliable for me at lower tiers.


None so far.

Other Notes:

Is this a common issue? Is there anything that can be done about it?

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