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Ghost Fields: tank getting stuck and accelerating against concrete blocks

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OS: Windows 10 x64 version 20H2

Game Version: 19.05.2021

Brief Description: Driving a tank in the south of the map I hit with the corner of the MBT one of the 3 concrete blocks that was placed, and suddenly vehicle froze and started pushing downwards with the rear side going up in the air.

Steps to Reproduce: 1. play Ghost Fields

                                       2. collide with any tank into the concrete blocks
                                       3. see the ass of the tank go up and the front go down

Result: 3. see the ass of the tank go up and the front go down

Expected Behavior: It was supposed to stop and kill the acceleration.

Fixes/Workarounds: randomly mashing WASD seemed to work a few seconds after the tank decided not to accelerate itself into the ground

Other Notes: sadly no, when I spotted the bug by the time it took me to find a good angle the tank got back to normal :(

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