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December 1 Update Notes

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List of Update 0.41 Changes


Shadow of the Alps

The Shadow of the Alps event is launching tomorrow (December 2, 2022) at 9 AM CET. The main prize of this event is the Rhone-Alpes skin for Leclerc T4. You’ll be able to participate simply by destroying 5 enemy vehicles in PvE (or 1 in PvP) every day (while driving a Tier 3 vehicle or higher).

Battle Path Shop Changes

During the past weeks and months, we have discovered several serious issues allowing players to use exploits to obtain undeserved amounts of Battle Coins via the Battle Path Shop mechanic. In this update, we are fixing the issues and are making a few additional changes to the Battle Path shop. Specifically:

  • Reducing the cost of stock refresh from 300 to 250 Battle Coins
  • Correspondingly reducing the overall chance for major Battle Coin bundle drops
  • Adjusting several items with incorrect drop chances that appeared too often (the CATTB for example)

General Changes

  • Centurion AVRE: Adjusted this vehicle’s frontal armor
  • Centurion AVRE: Fixed an issue where the vehicle’s silhouette appeared incorrectly on minimum settings
  • Centurion AVRE: Fixed an issue where the destroyed ERA elements had incorrect colors
  • M48 GAU-8 Solar Serpent skin: The battalion emblem no longer covers the cuneiform text
  • Osório: Fixed an issue where the shell trajectory did not align with the aiming reticle completely
  • T249 Gunslinger skin: Fixed several appearance issues on low and medium graphics settings
  • The Arizona Special Operation now works correctly and will return to the weekend rotation
  • Wages of Sin: Fixed numerous visual issues
  • Wages of Sin: Fixed an issue where the map had an incorrect sky on low graphics settings
  • Wages of Sin: Fixed the appearance of achievement icons
  • Fixed the Battle Path window background
  • Fixed several smaller visual issues
  • Fixed several smaller localization issues
  • Added several assets for future events




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10 minutes ago, Haswell said:
  • Reducing the cost of stock refresh from 300 to 250 Battle Coins
  • Correspondingly reducing the overall chance for major Battle Coin bundle drops

No % for the chances? Would be too much to ask.

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What do you expect?? That they reduced it to 0.01% instead of the current 0.1% ?

Saw yesterday in the forum one guy who said he went from 7K to 233K of battle coins just by enrolling over and over again in the shop. Think that he brawled a bit too much, so after investigation........ 

They have to make money from the battle path and so if we won't p(l)ay for it, and then, as we play, become triggered to buy BC or BC boosters (who were also, in my opinion, significant nerfed in amount to get, in 2 hours timeframe).


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This is one side of the spectrum SS is stating here. But this is in my opinion not fully correct to state it this way.

1) The " infamous exploit" was a misuse where you had to perform some " actions" to get BC in a way you (could have) know that this was not correct, and that you were in violation due to " incorrectly gaining access to the system" in order to get a huge amount of BC. Simply the rule " If you know it isn't correct, mostly it isn't" 

2) The seconds system was no violation in any kind. If you keep rerolling and the system gives it to you, and you are doing nothing wrong, can't be expressed as a violation. It is a kind of gambling, and if the " slot machine" gives it to me and I'm doing nothing " unrightful" to get the money / BC, then it can't be described as an " exploit".

And personally, I do think that the AW statement of " we reduced the reroll price", is also a saying something huge:

1) It confirms that AW controls this "gambling system". Thats a major issue in "gambling regulation". For examples roulette tables may not be controlled by the casino to prevent the casino "to make adjustment to the table in order to "let a player lose who has won too much this evening".

2) But also, that the system of rerolling can be adjusted by AW (Questing who raises to me instantly; Is this an overall adjustment inflicting all players, or just the " one they don't like" for example).

3) The system of rerolling is now confirmed that the " gambling in hope that you will get the jackpot" is futile.  

And last but not least; saying " So please stop screeching about evil greedy devs" is irrelevant. AW just confirmed that they don't want you to actually make more BC than you spent rerolling. So, if you don't want to be labeled as greedy, then don't state that you find it incorrect that players will make more BC with rerolling, which obviously will cost you money.


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