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[LABS] ArmoredLabs Need Lab Rats

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Dafuq, there are still people playing AW?
Apparently still yes.


Why join [LABS]?
Because if you are still playing AW, you are probably beyond salvation as this point. Might as well be in the company of the hopelessly lost. Also makes it easier to identify each other when you have a tag. You can also get freebies by doing battalion missions.

We are also dedicated to the betterment of player skill with no bars held. If you are bad, we can coach you to become good. If you are already good, we can help you become better. If you're better than we are, help us get better too!

What do you even do?
Anything and everything. Both PvP based gamemodes and PvE based once. For example, LABS regulary does heroic runs, spec ops runs etc. But we also play global operations and are trying to get into ranked battles right now.

What do we expect from you?

We would like you to do a weekly heroic run for the battalion contribution (we are willing to help with strats), but if you don't want to or don't have a t9-10 vehicle yet this is also entirely fine. Also if you want to and/or are able to, join us on one of our ranked playthroughs.

However, if you don't want to do any of those things or are simply not available, it doesn't matter at all. No bars held. If you are just there to have a tag this is also entirely fine! 


What are the requirements?

  • Don't be racist/toxic in-game. 
  • Don't be a dick to other players
  • Speak passable English 


How do I join?
PM me ( @itzjustrick),  @Tired_needs_Nrg_Drinks (dark_demigod), @Sebastian_Grimm(danlambo) or @Haswell in-game so you can get invited. Or just post here with your in-game name. Or just search up [LABS] in-game and throw in your application. Make sure to let me know so I can actually let you in!


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I would like to join, I submitted an application in-game. IGN: Drugs

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