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Some vehicle's HESH can't penetrate thin armor

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OS: Windows 10 Home, version 1909, 64-bit

Game Version: 0.33.7425

Brief Description: Some vehicle's HESH can't penetrate thin armor, such as applique or cage armor.

Steps to Reproduce

 1. Find any vehicle with cage armor element.

 2. Enter preview mode in the right click menu.

 3. Select any vehicle with HESH ammo in the attacking vehicle menu.

 4. Select HESH ammo in the ammo menu and hover the mouse cursor on the cage armor or thin applique.

 4.1. Alternatively, you can test it in the vehicle testing area or live match.

Result: Most vehicles' HESH ammo other than Challenger series and tier 7 B1 Centauro 105 can't penetrate cage armor or thin applique.

Expected Behavior: HESH ammo's effectiveness is reduced on some vehicles.

Fixes/Workarounds: Do not shoot cage armor or thin applique with affected vehicles, I guess.

Other Notes: This bug has been previously reported in September 20th in official discord.



As you can see, Challenger 1's L31A5 HESH shell can penetrate Leopard Evolution's cage element.


But Type 16 MCV's type 75 HESH shell can't penetrate its cage element despite it have enough penetration value.

Affected vehicles are :

  Tier 7

  • Type 16 MCV
  • PTZ-89
  • Stingray 2

  Tier 8 

  • M1128 MGS
  • ST1
  • WWO Wilk
  • ASCOD LT-105
  • Harimau
  • M8-105 Buford

Challenger 1, Challenger 2, Challenger 2 Hades, Challenger 2 ATDU and Centauro 105's HESH ammo seems to be fine.

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