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Anomalies with customization in gameplay settings

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OS: Windows 10 Home, version 1809, 64 bit

Game Version: 0.33.7410--2020-10-16_03:16

Brief Description: Customization toggle in gameplay settings do not match description of setting.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Equip some sort of camo/skin on your vehicle of choice
  2. Ask another tester to do step 1
  3. Ensure you have customization toggled to "off" in gameplay settings
  4. Ensure partner tester have customization toggled "on"
  5. Go into a match together
  6. Check appearances against each other

Result:  Tester with customization "off" will not see any skin/camo on either players. Tester with customization "on" will see skin/camo on both players.

Expected Behavior:

  • Description of setting should properly reflect result, stating all customization will be disabled if toggled off . OR;
  • Customization toggle should only affect the appearance of the user's own vehicle and nothing else.

Fixes/Workarounds: None.

Other Notes: Issue is applicable in all gameplay modes. Disabling customization will also remove skins or camos on PvE bots that may use them.




Test with camos (Haswell has customization toggled off):




Test with skins (Haswell has customization off):





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To be fair, while not intended - I still think it should remain as it stands.  Some peeps want the classic visuals and don't want to see all the new skins or camos.

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In case if they consider hiding of reskins as something wrong, the way to go is brute force replacing of certain reskin models in file game resources.


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This way better than the intended sinceı dont wanna see any skins but its seems devs thinks different

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On 10/21/2020 at 8:03 PM, Silentstalker said:

Reported and due for fixing.



Press F for the lost frames.  And while the response will be 'skin shouldn't kill FPS' they do.  Hell even infantry being deployed kills FPS by a marked amount for literally 0 reason

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