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commanders and rank

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just when can one get more than 7 commanders?  is it after you reach 2 at colonel?  what about the commanders for gold how do they fit in to this as well?

just showing my lack of knowledge again XD!

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You can have as many Commanders as you want, at any time.  The only restriction is supposed to be on Commanders over rank 10.

Until you have 2 Commanders at rank 15, you must leave one Commander at each rank from 10-14.  So that's where the "7 Commanders" thing comes in - you need at least 7 Commanders in order to get 2 Commanders to rank 15... 1 left at 10, 1 left at 11, 1 left at 12, 1 left at 13, 1 left at 14, and then the 2 at 15.  As soon as you get your 2nd Commander to rank 15, you no longer have to leave Commanders at ranks 10-14 and can advance the ones you originally "left behind" and get them to 15, too.  Or you could advance a new Commander to 15... whatever you want.  Basically once you get 2 Commanders to rank 15 all restrictions are removed.

The Commanders that you pay gold to obtain can not ever be advanced, but they're Rank 10 and so count as the Commander that you need to leave behind in order to build your ladder to rank 15.

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You can collect as many commanders as you want without needing to meet any global prerequisites. On top of the commanders start with, you can get more commanders from various vehicles:

  • Tiran 6 (tier 3, Rachel)
  • M108 (tier 3, Freja)
  • LAV-300 (tier 4, Ioannis)
  • BMD-1P and BMP-1P (tier 4, Rashid)
  • Merkava 3 (tier 8, Giya)
  • Sprut-SD (tier 8, Andrey)
  • K2 (tier 10, Kwon)
  • Leclerc T4 (tier 10, Vincent)
  • M48 GAU-8 (tier 10, Douglas)

The "2 Colonel" mechanic only applies when you are trying to level up commanders. If you have less than 2 colonels, for any rank promotion higher than lieutenant you must have at least 1 other commander of the preceding rank (i.e. in order to promote a commander to first lieutenant, you must have at least 1 commander at the rank of lieutenant not including the commander you want to promote). Thus, in order to promote your first and second commanders to colonel, you must have at least 1 other commander promoted to each of the ranks of lt. colonel, major, captain, 1st lieutenant and lieutenant.

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