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M48 GAU-8 Avenger

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This thing is an absolute monster in PvE. In the fastest fire mode with all the upgrades it clocks an astronomical 119,000 burst dpm which can delete lighter vehicles (crab) in under a second. Often fast enough that the bot can’t even get off a shot. That mode is great for pop up targets, but leaves you very exposed at 0% camo and a couple second cool down when you empty the burst. It has worse overall dpm than the slower burst so it’s only good for single targets below ~2k health.


The other fire mode is great for long engagements as it can put out more damage before overheating, so your overall DPM in an engagement is significantly better. It does leave you exposed at 0% camo for a lot longer, so camping behind your more heavily armored teammates is advised.

90% of the time you should hang out in the back, but remember that you have ~4K burst, so sometimes the best option is to rush and track your opponent to circle around and deliver the killing blow through their weak engine armor.


I personally love this thing. It’s an absolute hoot to play.

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