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  1. Finally did it. ATDU+Sabrina+PISH on War 2nd Spec Ops chapter(~90% of the damage done with the PISH rounds). Tried it with IT-1 too(cause those rockets even slow, they pen to ammo rack a lot of times) and probably could've done it sooner but with so many XMs and Shilkas and T15 and GAUs is really hard. Best and fastest way it is probably with a platoon. It happened tons of time that the bot was killed by someone else for few points of damage and almost lost hope. I had i think at least 3 ammo racks firework bots killed on the War's last cap by the others and i said: crap, i blew it again but the beer i drunk was on my side this time. Anyway, have an endless weekend you all and take care.
  2. Thanks, I will try it. I have Sabrina maxed out. I will let her ride some ATDU PISH and see if she likes it :). I used Ioannis Sanna so far maxed out with all the fire skills enabled but no luck.
  3. Hi, any other tips for "Detonator" contract mission? i tried with PELE rounds and Wilks but with random team so far proved unsuccessful. I did it before on previous contract but was one of those "1 beer too many" moments. Can't remember and didn't recorded. Until now i was lucky with some other missions and got the Burlak quite quick but i want to carry on... Thank you
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