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  1. It seems to me that depending on what price of gold consider a base, it may end up with different interpretation of what 50% discount for MBT T8 bundle means. MBT T8 is specific in regard that all items of it can be purchased individually for gold, so all prices can be compared. As consumers we have a habit to use cheapest gold prices of 100 euro bundle. Probably such gold a user could buy if plan to purchase multiple vehicles at once. As far as I recall the discussion from past, mycom counts gold discount from smallest packs with most expensive price per gold unit.
  2. These QOL changes are probably nice, but still i lack the most basic ability to tag camos and decals - some as hidden, some as favoirite ones. Too much clicking, searching, applying on each vehicle ... (skip decal rant here) Commander changes are bug-fixing at most, my 12 euro Kortez fix is welcomed of course, they don't change much in game balance due how summing of percentage works with diminishing result formula. That is why tier 2 retrofit on reload is weird 13% which used to be 10%. Second issue with commander change is that the balance 3.0 didn't reach tiers 1-6 yet in many aspects such as fast ammo switching. We have Abrams, T-72, Leo clones on two sides of balance 3.0 and they work different way.
  3. dfnce

    Cyberpunk 2077

    Hit L30 yesterday. Spec is same as before - MSI rtx2060 Ventus OC 6gb, i7-9600f (turbo on), 32GB ram. Funny thing how cheap 20xx cards already disappeared on market, while similar rtx 2060 cards costs almost 2 times more than year before. About settings: RTX is off, the light seems a little off to me. DLSS is off because the pic is great for distant views. All shadows on medium. Framerate is set 60 to display on 60 Hz @ 2560x1080 monitor, vsync is off in game exactly as in case of AW. I don't measure fps because it works for me well. So, for me the image is fluid, no video lags or jitters except when you navigate between districts very fast, you may see flash of red "reading" icon (because i use HDD).
  4. For people who want to get most efficient spending of bp coins - ones may probably skip these "grey" offers for parts, while another colours give better discounts. But no one assure that these "epic" offers will appear regularly.
  5. Yeah. probably should keep another 2 x 56k coins for ZTQ and QN. Interesting BP model when you avoid to rank because all behavior is steered by potential offerings like these. Ofc they should fix this "owned" issue as well.
  6. This should give an idea how much BP coins you should reserve for 70 parts of Kurganets - 30800 , the another 30 parts you get from 4th line of missions. I don't know what poll of vehicle can be, EDIT: most likely ZTQ-15 is not among them, and if you own most of vehicles, these unique prem tank offerings will be useless.
  7. Try different pairs (X, Y) of FPS settings in range of 90/120 and 120/160. Restart AW each time you change settings. Here is what i use (X,Y) = 60/90 since last discussion about AW performance on 240 Hz monitors :) AW: In-game v sync: off In-game frame limit: X All settings High (except Minimal: Water, Post process, Shadows off). Dynamic scene: off AA: MSAA 2x nVidia profile (global or for AW only): Max Refresh Rate: Y vSync: ON Low Latency: ON Tripple Buffer: ON (OpenGL is not used here, but keep it this way) Disable all other quality improvements
  8. Since I pay bills to my.com BV (LLC) even after AW EULA was delegated to Post Meta LLC on Cyprus, I 'd rather see my.com rep only to tell that we going to check things with whoever manages it. Period. No further statements. Telling that AW issue on my games store is none of business of my com bv, doesn't makes things resolved. I still consider possible that Dutch court could order my com bv to suspend or remove AW items in store -- just because various mail ru agents, subsidiaries and offshores fail to communicate to each other and make certain things right.
  9. https://www.consuwijzer.nl/misleidende-verkoop/wat-kan-ik-doen Here what i digged in Unfair Commercial Practices Act the seller says that he can deliver something temporarily or only now, when that is not the case the seller offers discounts when they are not actual discounts. Does the seller advertise so-called from / for prices? Then the product must have recently been for sale at that of-price. Recently is not more than three months ago. Is the from price the supplier's suggested retail price? Then the seller must indicate this in such a way that it is clear to you at a glance
  10. I need some explanation - one is selling premium tank for credits to avoid getting xxx gold compensation? Or, is there some glitch which allows them to sell prem tank for gold, then a next contract box has favorable drop rules which toss this sold tank again to a player ?
  11. I thought why simply not make existing Hades camo to provide premium vehicle bonus on specific vehicles (or on the list of vehicles which can be unlocked as part of Battalion contracts). This apparently simple copy-paste of 3d models requires more dev attention and takes more resources.
  12. Some fragment of passing through city ruins reminds me some scenes of video from Syrian war tedios combat in cities. The mission doesn't look like "hurr durr lets destroy bad guys". But corridor passages obviously annoying. Initial capping could be removed, not really contributing to the story and it looks like some players didn't came to steal ammo at all. They will be waiting at gate until you cap all caps. Tier 4-8 is as dull as usual, especially if you have bunch of autocannons. In general such map is place to fullfil Terminator purpose.
  13. My AW had verification error issue and I had to re-install everything as well. The available hint on discord didn't help. Then, even after re-download I still had error message on some VC++ package during installation.
  14. Possibly because the AW Abrams turret is shifted backward for some reason, it feels smaller, shorter, less bulky, more like XM1. In same time the hull width of AW model visually is more wider.
  15. For me it seems amoung all upcoming BP prizes the Kurganets-25 seems most nice looking, useful and contemporary vehicle. The rest is as so optional as never before. Shilka for sure is fine as well, and can be obtained quite easily too, but chasing the rest is big question.
  16. Some strategy to get all BP vehicles with reasonable cost will be not spending coins on unlocking levels up to 50 asap, instead collect big pile of coins to purchase Kurganets parts offerings regularly. My hypothesis is that there will be "lucky offers" of large part volumes of Kurganets, available to purchase at once (for example 100 parts for 75K coins), which will use "limited offer" motive to push consumer to buy these parts for gold/money asap. On another side we may see that most of part offerings will allow to buy them at slow rate, they should be purchased regularly, and the design forces you to track shop content within all 3 months of BP (providing you don't waste coins for hundreds of re-rolls to get your Kurganets day one).
  17. fine SPG ? nice Question how many parts, because "not a lootbox" shop also sells parts - it has to make some money too. Well well So you do rerolls which give you a chance to get parts, nice.
  18. If somebody really needs to score these missions, please do it within full platoons, PvE platoons is the place where all kind of agreements happen. AW promotes such behavior quite actively, either because devs used to do in their childhood and no one banned them for it, or they simply want to discredit PvE.
  19. I support the idea of separate PvE balance (at least separated dpm), but i think that the main manifistation of imbalance in pve exists not because mbt are universal class, but what are goals given by devs to player and how it can be best archived. The most rewarding goal is getting most of damage and kills, and it can be best archived it with vehicles like York, Murder or T-15, so the obvious question arises if these mbt are needed for more than meatshields. Another bad thing happenened in last year with PvE was the way of self-preservation (read - careful and vigilant gameplay) was replaced with dumb down max aggressive push forward, because players have 3 lifes it is possible to restore health 3 times with most advanced kit it is possible to play dumb and rely on mechanics of Ophelia white shield We used to manage 200% HP over PvE mission. Now it is 600%. Does average mission time increased 3 times? Does amount of total bot HP increased 3 times? No and No. But we got average DPM of MBT increased by 1.5-2 times.
  20. I think it is not worth to pursue every new premium they sell in shop. For me it is hard to accept price of 50 ZTQ boxes (which may not be enough to get my 40 missing parts), worth of 2-3 AAA titles on steam. Beside i think ZTQ is not that kind of tank worth much attention or sacrifices. Premium tanks available in BP you get for 5-10% of price tag (assume BP preorder), which they place later in loot boxes.
  21. Sometimes little number make you smile. Lucky single hit on AFT with fully leveled luck of Kwon (+35%) and buff of "devoted cleric" Harper (+5.14%) nearby should inflict 1845 damage, well, unless you know how push it further
  22. "GPUs significantly more powerful than their CPUs" sounds like quite regular case these days unless you use some very old, pre-CUDA video card or intel embedded chipset, right ?
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