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  1. I think the best deal with this game is not collect much gold at all in advance. Once you purchase the gold, you fall into same logical trap as in any other game with in-game currency : meaning, you simply loose perspective how much real money it costed you upon its purchase. Then once you accept false statement that said gold is "worthless" (because there are only limited ways to spend it), so you make purchase using this currency which a way more costly and irrational than if you had to think to spend real money on same item. That are basics on seminars of profitable mmo enterprise :) I don't really get how long this "guilt" argument of piles of free gold is still viable in 2021, since the whole idea was on the my com. I think i got my free 18k gold from merge and thanks for that, and i heard of higher sums about 30-40k gold but that are not piles of gold. Also, it was my com idea of selling variety of packages of almost same tanks with incentive to re-purchase them again by players (early reskin packs) and get gold as compensation before b20 timers. And then, after all that, the only possibility i see that someone got hundreds thousands or millions of gold would be ether re-buy almost similar packages by many times (which feels kind of unhealthy thing ), or some people who purchased first gen of lootboxes in thousands (because top drops were super rare). So, these series of these lootboxes were generous in gold, but it is my com who created all this. If someone has too much gold (for me it is 500K+ ) without perspective to spend it in AW lifetime, i rather think this due spending too much money on this game in the past, when the grass was greener. Still it surprises me that people sit on these piles and afraid to spend them - imo first two BP editions were made in a way the player could be easily waste a lot of gold on them, not only because they had a lot of obstacles and time dedication requirements to complete them in "f2p"mode, but there were other nice deals along, especially in Age of Rage BP.
  2. VisionsBugs become features, features become expected behavior (or game design).
  3. WoT solution with stars on the gun (so called "Marks of Excellence") is more aesthetically acceptable and toned down. On another side the AW is a game just about every vehicle which moves and shoots, so you can attach these circus-style flags even to bicycle (well, provided that ATGM launcher mounted on it). I think we may expect even more flags of many shapes and colors in future, to reflect wider variety of achievements.
  4. Decent amount of tier 10 MBT have machine guns mounted on top of turret with independent sight and rotation - altay, cattb, atdu, k2, Merkava, 490, 640, t-14 125/152, type 10, xm1a3. Many of them have coaxial guns too, the game doesn't allow a player to switch between these guns, or select automatically the one which is most optimal from elevation/gun depression point of view to hit the target. I do realize some of these turret mounted guns are just pile of pixels, but it would be to great to have them working. Otherwise their presense causes confusion. About reload - i would like to see double shot gun "as is", but in pve this terrible dpm sometimes is quite annoying. I wish we had second option to choose - at least that mode of guns XM1A3 offers.
  5. Some first impressions Many low HP wheeled AFV/TD behave like they are MBT, AI as even more suicidal now by appearance While some of us asked for more enforced and protected bots, so it could reverse damage dealing balance between autocannons and gunners, the current AI pool is even more soft-skin squishy - with more favourtism to autocannons AI bots with 2 ATGM clip fire them in low delay between them. Usually I don't pay attention on such random crap from Swingfire or Termi 2. Some cap "defending" locations are capped faster and earlier, once you reach this point of defence, the place is full of ATGM and autocannon spam nonsense, with best vision and accuracy. How player driven squishy vehicles are supposed to handle such situations, i have no idea. Using smoke by "stronk" bots is not well implemented, it is like someone unexperienced plays pve and uses the smoke without much need or thinking. "Stronk' bots - i saw AI Altay in more than half of games. The thing is LT on steroids just like Type 10 and somewhat AX too, and should play like LT/TD, meaning - carefully. This "best protection" pool should only consists of Chally ATDU, Merkava, XM1A3, T-14-152, probably CATTB and 490.
  6. Imo this adorable thing rather belongs to tier 8, with some far-fetching assumptions to tier 9, where it would distinct with unique 140mm gun.
  7. Thinking of bot AI as weirdly programmed robotic humanoids (like "FO4" synths) sitting in tanks really helps. There is way too much of weird, erratic and rigged behavior to take it seriously and believe it mimics human players.
  8. There were so many prems obtainable for free in last two years, so yeah, Zubr PSP is barely a something outstanding and shadowing everything else. Tier 7 itself is not very attractive for many. Zubr is very decent TD with AP shells, when fully upgraded as i compared now myself, it is certainly way better in pen/dpm aspects than Cent 105.
  9. Pre-overhaul state of Type 99A2-140 armor could be its state of day 1 release in loot boxes (joke).
  10. From my personal muliple BP experience the playing thingy such as XM247 and having boosts active is better idea than play some god forgotten, sorrow ass mbt just because statistically you end up at first place more often with York, even against tier 6, and this first place has noticeble impact on amount of earned coins. Not sure about all AFV - but if you drive things like BVP-M2, Marder or SPHINX, they usually do more damage, they can do better spotting - all without effort in pve, so it gives them easier and more predictable first place in final rank.
  11. All these "new level of challenge" AI vehicles are still easy food for player Termi and T-15. And Obj 195 with his unprecedented MBT / 30mm autocannon combo. AMX 10 RCR is in the PvE AI ranks for awhile, maybe they reworked its movement. What i really want is to see AI vehicles without hull rotation and blocking glitches.
  12. With no details or specifics given in the article it can be just anything - free decals, flags, camos for regular logging and making one battle/x kills a day (similar to Winter contest), no doubt packaging existing content from past Middle East themed events or BP into "special" bundles
  13. This is pretty decent setup for 1080p@60fps I ran i5-760 with GTX 460 for almost ten years, had FX/water/particle options disabled I got stable 60 fps even in GLOPS where people claim they can't reach 25 fps even on 3-4 yo setups. Also these newer nvidia cards have fast sync option on board which in combo with 60 fps limiter makes wonder (even on CP2077 which made all RTX 20xx series obsolete).
  14. You can afford Miramon or Ioannis Sanna early with not so many perks leveled to improve spotting capability.
  15. Nothing is wrong about locations Knuttliot marked (red and green circles) though such approach was always tier and team dependent. If you roll directly on north field as MBT, you should have capable damage dealers on hill, and your MBT should have enough your own spotting and armor to withstand ATGM spam which seems not to be a case for majority of MBT in game. The south entrance is simple, relatively safe and quick entrance to center.
  16. If you want to improve visual range a bit, you also need a commander who gives you that visual range. Using telescope or not is entirely matter of playstyle. Like do you like to camp on second line and your turret is strong enough not to hide it after each shot? It won't help you on the move. Just like Miramon commander won't help you if you don't meet conditions of (social) distancing. For Harbinger, in low-mid tiers it is safer to enter city from opposite side.
  17. play for fun progress many tanks simulteneously, play one tank one time a day for victorious x2 reserve unneeded tanks favorite currently progressing tanks more tanks in garage (even hidden), better garage XP bonus, faster you get next tanks and progress your commanders, profit ?
  18. Some of wildcard mechanics and general map orientation can be tasted in training room mode, playing solo on glops maps. Two GLOPS maps have bots to kill, so it can work both as basic solo interactive glops and pve trainer too, these maps are Other -> Barren Divide and Other -> Desert Crossing, which gives certainly more fun than Test drive
  19. I don't use decals and don't use flags sections much, but I change camos from time to time and this part of UI became ridiculously long and tedious to scroll and find what you actually need. Maybe it could have more sense if we can display and check how all in-game camo look, even these not owned, so for example country X section woudn't look that miserably with just one camo, because usually there are more of them... Still it doesn't negate necessity to have either ability to favourite, or to hide certain items (or both).
  20. These things worth having: Object 640, Object 490 and AFT-10. Noticed a screenshot of obj 640 for 76k on aw ru discord
  21. I think that mostly bots spawn on segments of map where the game founds lowest number of players. If you are on some location but alone it may still spawn bots. There is still limited cases which contradict to this rule, but usually there is always at least one safe location which allows player to stay safe most of the time. For Meltdown mission for this stage it is certainly not ideal position, i got myself caught several times recently, they will spawn persistently everywhere behind and on sides of you. On Erebos this location is not safest either, though not so likely to happen.
  22. They did really good K2 and Leclerc skins in my opinion, very artistic and unique. These ones will be really hard to beat with something better. But it seems they already want to retreat from this approach and going to produce mediocre skins again.
  23. It looks especially shiity when compared to WoT 10th year anniversary. WoT simply gave me many missing free and event premium tanks, plus other stuff for just a login. I think anniversary event should just like this, actually attract people, let them forgive and reconsiliate. In AW approach the purpose and effect to piss this remaining 6-8K playerbase to max extent, rip off them for cash. Here is issue big ass salesman should understand. If f2p players in noticeable numbers get the in-game item for free, while others don't, there is no reason to spend hefty pile of money for such "exclusivity". That what exactly we got. We were told to pay a price worth AAA game for 50 boxes which don't even gives us to chance to collect 50% of missing parts.
  24. I still have impression that this supposedly Russian technology demonstrator game looks stalled without T72B3 2016, T90M and T80BVM
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